Editor In Chief, Tamara Stephenson

Editor In Chief, Tamara Stephenson
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FASHION POST: The Kimono Robe, The New, IT Summer & Fall Jacket for 2020

 Summer Style: 
The Kimono Robe As Jacket

Two summers ago I wrote about the Kaftan, which has been all the "rage" noted at summer events, and these bohemian-style Kaftans from the 1970s made a huge comeback.  This summer we certainly have had a lot on our minds, and fashion doesn't seem to be a biggie, however, the Kimono-style robe/jacket is the next best thing to the Kaftan.  A loose fitting Kimono-style jacket is chic and comfortable.  Throw it on over a pair of white jeans, this summer frock has you ready for outdoor/garden/beach gatherings, and it's an easy style to ease into Fall as well. 

The word Kimono is from the words ki (which means wear) and the mono (which means thing).  It is a traditional Japanese garment which comes in many patterns and designs, and is usually hand sewn into a "T" shape from only 4 pieces of fabric and is worn tied with a belt (called obi).  It's shape is made to fit many body times, therefore it lends itself well to wearing in a modern way over garments as is popular now.

These whimsical and ethereal, and almost always colorful kimono-style jackets can also double as beach coverups.  We love their versatility and how they can add fantastic pattern designs to our wardrobe.  Although this style is certainly trending now, I've noticed the kimono robe has been in fashion and seen on the runways since 2014, and I suspect we'll see heavier textiles in the fall and shown worn over pants. Take a look at all these gorgeous fabric designs...

Free People
Marcus Luengo 2018
found image on Pinterest- no proper link attached, but it's so pretty 
The jacket from Valentino 2016 seems a slightly different take of the Kimono, and I wouldn't be surprised if this will be how we see the Kimono of summer 2020 morph into fall and winter.  The wide, short sleeve is Kimono-like and the open format is chic!

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

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