WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog

WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog
Hi- It's Tamara. I'm happy you've stopped by the blog, and since 2010 I've been sharing my passion for interior design, travel, entertaining & fashion. I am an interior designer, textile designer and writer living and working in New York City and East Hampton, Long Island. My blog musings have taken me to international design, art, antique and epicurean events and I have lots to share. I'm grateful to have been listed as the #1 top design blog, blogs to watch, top design blogs and in 2019 named and awarded Rising Star of Design by the IFDA NY industry organization. Please feel free to reach out to our team for an interior design consultation or to see our collection of wallpaper and fabric sold to the designer trade, rootcellardesigns@gmail.com. Happy Nesting, XO Tamara

The Color Red- The Undeniable Power as Loved By Many Talents

the infamous red telephone booths I snapped 
from my camera while in London in 2010
The Bold Color Red-
What It Tells Us About Design & Psychology!
Major talents in the fashion and design industries have long-loved red, and these leaders have intuitively understood the power it wields- Vreeland Red was a phrase coined when fashion designer Diana Vreeland showcased her absolute obsession with the hue in her designs as well as in her New York City home. 
Vreeland Red
Diana's home featured in many magazines in NYC during the 1970s
Matisse Red
artist Henri Matisse understood the value of the color red, his red studio had many hues covering the showroom from pink to blue and ochre yellow, but after living with that a while he made the bold choice to go with one hue, the color red- a specific Venetian red covering every surface of the studio except for his paintings- red taking on an almost neutral backdrop. Many honored him with "creative courage" for choosing such a bold hue to, and he understood the value of the color. So, that begs the question, what is is about red that raises our eyebrow, makes us go "wow".
my favorite interior designer, (the father of design over the last fifty years), loved red.  Albert Hadley created "Hadley red" which we all came to appreciate and love
Hadley designed socialite Brooke Astor's famous Manhattan library which showcased her husband's rare book collection against with fabric upholstered in n Brunschwig & Fils’ La Portugaise print and with the hue as a lovely foil.
Hadley Red
All this love for red leads me to believe in the power of this hue.  Simply put, it's a force to be reckoned with- it say's look at me and it's the star of the show.  It's a worthy color to incorporate into our interior design whether in small details or in an all out commitment.  
Current Day Interior Designer Steven Gambrel 
understands the power of red and utilizes it often 
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara