Wednesday, February 8

14 days of love for Valentine's Day: Day 8 make a festive batch of cupcakes for your family

Cupcake obsession!

Our family has gone through a bit of a cupcake craze the past couple of years.  For goodness sakes there's an entire television show dedicated to making cupcakes.  What is this cupcake frenzy about?  Maybe it's because baking cupcakes seem less of a commitment than creating an entire cake, but whatever the reason these lil' cakes are fun to make and decorate. My daughter Gabby became fascinated with designing these scrumptious cupcakes, and even picked up two unique cookbooks with recipes and tutorials on decorating and baking them. 

Who doesn't love a cupcake? 
 You can arrange them and stack them, or serve them simply one at a time...
even though it's lots of work to make, these flower petal cupcakes delight --
recipe from Hello, Cupcake...each petal is a cut piece of marshmallow
Gabby's flower petal cupcakes

 from bunnies and chickens to flower petals these cupcakes will charm

Check out their website Hello, Cupcake
they even have "how to" videos on their cupcakes

follow Hello, Cupcake onTwitter @Whatsnewcupcake

some more of Gabby's Nest-y creations for Easter

 Easter cupcake recipe from Hello Cupcake
Gabby made a simpler batch for a summer beach picnic in a nautical theme

Gabby's apple designs for a barn party with riding friends...
psst the stems are tootsie rolls

I made these for Gabby's sweet 16 --
mini cakes for each guest festooned with flowers and confetti
This Valentine's Day why not pick up this creatively written book,
offering page by page descriptions for the baker in your life? 

Or, grab a copy for yourself, and whip up a batch of Valentine cupcakes for someone you love?

I plan to make this batch of cupcakes from their collection called cookbook
 LOVE NOTES cupcakes

photograph courtesy of Hello Cupcake website
all other photographs from Gabby Stephenson and her collection