Sunday, February 12

14 days of love for Valentine's Day: Day 12 choosing a quality wine for the occasion

As I plan my menu for Valentine's Day,
I contemplate the wine for our Valentine's meal...
a good bottle of wine compliments a meal
Since I will keep our meal light this Valentine's Day,
 I may buy a bottle of my favorite summer Rose from local Bridgehampton vineyard, Wolffer Estates.  If you take a drive out on route 495 East to the tip of long island, you will note many wine vineyards dotting the side roads and highways. 
 Wolffer Estates in Sagaponack is one of my East End favorites --
and save the drive.

my favorite Rose - Wolffer Grandiose Rose 2010 at $29.00 per bottle
Wolffer wine is made and bottled in Sagaponack, Long Island. 
The Rose is one of the local favorites, and pale pink color, and has flavors of pear, apples and citrus. With all the pricey French roses available, I almost always reach for the "natural" special Rosé Wolffer produces locally.  Because 2010 was one of the driest, warmest seasons of history in the area, the Rose from that year is one of their best. 
Gabby riding in Sagaponack
My daughter is an avid equestrian and has ridden at many of the area's horse stables.  She rode at Wolffer stables in 2007 - it is one of her favorite barns.  Did you know the vineyard has a world class equestrian riding center as well as wine vineyard?
The local ocean air, farm land and cool nights all add up
to a perfect blending of good conditions for wine making.  Serve this Rose chilled,
and pair it with hors d'oeuvres, like smoked salmon, lobster, shrimp, marinated meat, and soft cheeses.

But if you do head out, you will most certainly be impressed with the natural beauty -- it is truly God's country. Wolffer estates is especially beautiful and stop into their vineyard for a wine tasting next time you're in the area.  The Tuscan-style villa set on a picturesque property and overlooking horse farms, will delight!
Check out this sunflower field I shot next to Wolffer estates last summer. 

Wolffer Rose is one of my summer favorites and great,
light drink for a beach picnic or summer dinner serve al fresco,
however, even in winter
this wine is perfect when put together with lighter fare

people may not always think of the natural beauty of the Hamptons with all the social activities going on out there,
but the combination of farm stands, ocean and beautiful light makes the Hamptons one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen -
a perfect place for wine growing

Wolffer Rose goes well little nibble of cheese and fruit or a light meal of seafood or pasta....perfect for Valentine's Day

 for a hearty red wine,
I opt for something a little farther west - Napa valley, perhaps? 
During our last trip to California we stopped into Hall Vineyard, and picked up these wines with hints of blackberry and cocoa.  All the reds at Hall are delicious, but this Cabernet is a worth the $140 splurge for a very special occasion

This is a delicious wine with hints of blackberry, cassis and cherry, even a taste of chocolate.  It's full bodied with a toasted woody flavor and even some licorice notes. 
After our last visit to Hall we sent our favorite wine drinkers bottles of their various reds and many went back for more, and now include Hall as their favorite California vineyard.

Hall Vineyard with owners walking the property