My Fall Happenings: Art of The Table

My Fall Happenings:  Art of The Table
I am honored to have been invited to stylize one of Bilotta's gorgeous kitchens in their NYC showroom on Oct 23. During the festive party four kitchens will be showcased by four designers during tabletop week to celebrate how we entertain in our kitchens and homes today. My kitchen will be a celebration of the Bounties of the Fall Season, an outdoor autumn soiree set indoors. I hope to see you there, and there are limited spots so please rsvp by clicking on the photo above.

Friday, February 3

14 days of love for Valentine's Day: Day 2-breakfast in bed

Who doesn't love breakfast in bed?

It was a family tradition in our home to be honored with
breakfast in bed for special occasions,
and we happily served our mom
a tray of homemade treats each year for her birthday. 
It feels decadent to be served a small meal,
with flowers and in the comfort of your bed!

Add a poem or a note, and now you've put it over the top. 
I say, go on and pamper someone you love on Valentine's Day...
the morning paper, a steaming cup of hot coffee, scones...
maybe their favorite jam.

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no need to cook an elaborate meal,
and even a bowl of cereal and fresh cut fruit
will feel special when served up with love
on Valentine's Day

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