Welcome to Nest by Tamara

Welcome to Nest by Tamara
Since 2008 I've been writing Nest by Tamara, a lifestyle blog inspired by my busy life as a NYC interior designer. I muse about all that encompasses “nesting.” Stop back to discover my favorite interior design finds and tabletop and entertaining tips, while I advise you on ways to keep creativity as your secret weapon, so you can seamlessly incorporate myriad styles and wares together in your home as you juggle a full life. I hope to help you create a stylish yet well-lived in home while putting it all into perspective. Email me at TamaraStephenson1@gmail.com

Friday, February 3

14 days of love for Valentine's Day: Day 2-breakfast in bed

Who doesn't love breakfast in bed?

It was a family tradition in our home to be honored with
breakfast in bed for special occasions,
and we happily served our mom
a tray of homemade treats each year for her birthday. 
It feels decadent to be served a small meal,
with flowers and in the comfort of your bed!

Add a poem or a note, and now you've put it over the top. 
I say, go on and pamper someone you love on Valentine's Day...
the morning paper, a steaming cup of hot coffee, scones...
maybe their favorite jam.

photograph credit: pier1.com
no need to cook an elaborate meal,
and even a bowl of cereal and fresh cut fruit
will feel special when served up with love
on Valentine's Day