Tuesday, February 14

14 Days of Valentines Day: on day 14 express your gratitude and love to them...

Happy Valentines Day!

let's talk about love for a second...
 we have all heard the tune -
"diamonds are a girl's best friend"
this single blue box can illicit squeals of delight from women. 
Entire movies have
been written about shopping

As the blonde bombshell belted out,
she spoke for many women and their love of the finer things in life.

Okay, we will settle for a beautiful arrangement of flowers

or a box of chocolates, maybe champagne?

men continue to court women,
and we can certainly be "wowed" by extravagant gifts... 
 but hold on to that thought for a second,
because I'm getting philosophical when I contemplate that someday
we'll walk through those later years,

and quite frankly I don't think I will remember a necklace, chocolates or beautiful purses.  
Don't get me wrong, I love nice stuff just like everyone else,
but here's a secret...
shhh, lean in gentlemen because I will only whisper this one time for fear of this spreading too widely,
but honestly, truly honestly at our core we women mostly want you to be thoughtful and appreciate us. As corny as it sounds, it is wonderful when your loved one remembers your favorite ice cream flavor, or brings you a glass of water just because you look thirsty, or when your newborn is crying, and he takes a shift. How about the times he lets you sleep in on Saturday
because you had a tiring week? 
We would gladly forgo the other perks 
(well, maybe a teenie little diamond here and there just to keep up appearances),
for those kind, loving, daily affirmations that show you love us. 
This is how love grows over time.
my trusty camera may be my very best material object as it is my memory catcher,
documenting the many fleeting moments as they fly by. 
Poof they're gone in an instant...
I look at my family growing and changing by the second,
and I realize how each moment needs to be relished.

May I suggest we take time this Valentine's Day to think about what makes us truly happy in life, and count our blessings...I for one, can simply tell you there are three people who complete my Valentine's Day,
and some of the seemingly inconsequential moments I've shared with all three
have been the most important moments of my life. 
It's not the big events that come to mind,
but those quiet times, sometimes captured by the camera lens.

 your first beach summer - look at that sandy, chubby hand
how you kill me with one look from those blue eyes,
that are sometimes green

how you grow your hair out to "chill" in the summer

our first dance together
 all those beach days
 how mesmerized you were on your first pony ride

your impish smile just before you jumped off the lifeguard stand
how excited you were on your very first day of kindergarten -
I'll never forget that cute little red backpack
in the back of a cab - documenting your first moments without braces

how giddy we were to be in Italy together for our honeymoon -
and I am amazed at our ease considering they lost our luggage
and we wore the same outfit for five days 

that fun horseback ride
through the streets of Macinac Island, Michigan
laughing hysterically 
how proud everyone was of you this day

that you are an amazing dad!!!

There are no giant diamonds in this world
 that could take the place of these moments. 
My only wish is these times not be so fleeting.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day -
what are you grateful for?

photograph credit:
many original photographs, but also some taken from my
Valentine Pin Board on Pinterest -
check this board for links and credits to various photographs