Thursday, February 2

14 days of love on Valentine's day: day 1: chocolates from Maison du Chocolat!

Go on get Classic
and pick up someone you love
a delicious box of chocolates!
Not just any old chocolate...
make it special with rich and creamy

Several years ago our family took a trip to Paris,
and of course we embarked upon a wonderful experience. 
It is a beautiful city and both delicious to the eyes and palette. 
I stopped into a gem of a chocolate store - La Maison du Chocolat - and was impressed with the rich treats, beautifully handcrafted. I scooped up several of these brown stylish boxes to bring home to my loved ones. 

As I was leaving the store I asked (in my very poor French) if there were any of locations in the my astonishment there is a boutique just four blocks from my apartment in New York City --
Now the Madison Ave/79th street location is my "go to" chocolate store for holidays and special occasions. 

Miles absolutely loves the daily chocolates they offer up in the window, and the hazelnut crunch (round delight) is exquisite.  Another added bonus is they offer their chocolates online now -- so go ahead and order up for your valentine this year --