Friday, September 7

Enjoy the Harvest Moon while soaking in the Blue Moon Spa Pool by Duravit

New state of the art indoor/outdoor spas offer
all-season enjoyment

Once summer is over and the swimming pool is shut up tight for the season, how decadent to consider an all-season spa pool just outside the patio door for fall and winter pleasure?  I recently learned there are new low maintenance options for these small pools of luxury, and having one under the pergola would certainly be an indulgent way to enjoy our outdoor space in the off seasons.  I had not considered a spa pool in the past, and disregarded it because of the possible maintenance involved.  Having a swimming pool is a big enough commitment; however, I had a change of heart when recently seeing a new spa model up close.  I am impressed with Duravit’s "pool bathing" products, which offer a luxurious experience.  Duravit is a German bathroom ceramics and furniture manufacturer hailing from the heart of the Black Forest, and they recently launched a stunning new model just in time for the pumpkin-picking season.   The new spa pool is called Blue Moon, and is designed in a rounded shape, offering a relaxing spa-like experience where one can float effortlessly in the bubbly water.  The Blue Moon model comes in an all-white acrylic finish with earthy teak veneer options as well, and can be installed against a wall or freestanding. The Blue Moon model is designed by Jochen Schmidem in a sleek square body shape yet rounded tub section, and with a 20 1/8” depth it allows for complete immersion in the water illuminated by soft lights underwater.  There are even larger versions at a whopping 55 1/8” or even 70 7/8” sizes. 
I cannot think of a more relaxing evening than taking a spa bath on the patio this fall while overlooking the harvest moon!