Thursday, September 20

this weekend stop into the Susan Cushing Gallery's art opening in Southampton -- The Good Life -- for one last dance with summer!

Last glimpse of summer?

this weekend's art opening at the 
 in the Hamptons 
may be just the perfect event to attend
to capture that summer feeling and 
hold onto it a little bit more
Susan Cushing's show
The Good Life 
Starts Today
September 21st23rd
Friday 1-­‐5 p.m.
Saturday10 a.m.-­‐8 p.m.
Sunday1-­‐5 p.m.

Please stop into the
Opening Night Reception
Saturday, September 22nd, 5-­8

I have to agree with the gallery's viewpoint of Susan's work:
"Susan's collections are highly stylized series
of narrative landscapes reminiscent
of the lifestyle photographs
of Slim Aarons and the post-­‐modern environmental style of
Alex Katz and David Hockney.
Evocative of the world of casual elegance, 
Susan's paintings beautifully capture the colors and themes 
of summer on canvas"
When taking in these high voltage versions of dreamy settings, I
 feel the urge to dive right into that sparkling swimming pool, 
and sip an iced tea under that porch.  
The vibrant colors and landscapes are soothing, 
yet are created in an almost imaginary cartoon-like fashion 
making them even more intriguing.
I would love one last dance with summer 
and maybe hanging one of these beauties to gaze upon 
all winter long is the anecdote to keeping the winter blues away!
Hope to see you there!
xo Happy Nesting