Sunday, September 30

The cozy feeling of Wool as we get ready for Fall "nesting"


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I love Pure Wool
it is 100% natural,
sustainable, and 
a protein fiber made of keratin, similar to the protein that
makes up our nails and hair.
It is
Naturally hypoallergenic,
and capable of absorbing contaminants in the air
 to improve indoor air quality.
we love the feeling of a soft wool throw
on a chilly autumn day? 

I almost always opt to cozy up to natural fibers
such as cottons and wools when designing interiors
because wool breathes and can absorb moisture from the body and the humidity in the room, regulating the individual body temperature and helping
to create a comfortable room climate.
images thanks to  campaign of
wool's pinterest home board: 
please see the board for photograph sources

I like to utilize materials and designs often seen in fashion;
such as men's suiting,
cable knit wools and use them in interiors
for a sophisticated, unexpected look
nest by tamara, nesting, interior design

Flair NYC shop showcasing designer vintage wool fabrics on upholstery and pillows
I love wool fabrics and often stop into the D&D building to pick up some of my favorite wool fabrics for my clients -- 
Holland & Sherry has an extensive collection of wool fabrics
photograph courtesy of Holland & Sherry website from their collection

Brunschwig & Fils
Robert Allen
also have wool for the home.
So, it was refreshing to be invited to
 Wool Week! 
Here's some wool facts:
 shearing is good for the animals, and an  
average sheep yields enough wool over the course of its lifetime
to wrap around the world two times.  Shearing sheep’s wool is necessary for the animal to have good health.
Wool Week offers a modern viewpoint on an old fashioned tradition,
which sustains the sheep, 
and all coming from the support of the Prince of Wales, 
What's not to love?
Wool Week
is an initiative to raise the consciousness and benefit of wool in interiors.It is like a celebration of using wool in the home.The stunning event was held at the Manhattan outdoor living spacein Bryant Park this week. Sheep were grazing in the large urban sprawl for an installation.  Read more about the Campaign for Wool

During the Campaign for Wool Week in the U.S. hundreds of  manufacturers, retailers, designers and sheep farmers have joined together. 

Let's spread the word 
on the great values 
of using wool.... 

next week is Fall Market at the D&D building in NYC.
I hope you come to check out all the educational programs 
and while in the building stop into these fabric showrooms to check out their new lines. 

Read the incredible line up here for two days of Market 
news/symposiums/luncheons and talks at NYC's D&D building 

Happy Nesting XO