Tuesday, September 10

September's warm weather prompts a walk down a rosy path: Sag Harbor Florist inspires my Fall table

my recent flower arrangements for an end of summer celebration
Indian Summer inspires!
Nest by Tamara's 5 tips for 
bringing summer's garden indoors this season...
No matter where you live, chances are Autumn brings a beautiful flurry of nature, 
and a welcoming change.  In our neck of the woods in the East End of Long Island, 
the sunflower fields start to pop, the hay is rolled, the grapes are ready for crush....
sunflower field in Sagaponack, Long Island feet away from the ocean
If you are not familiar with the Hamptons, please put away your images of movie stars and parties for a moment.  This is the real Hamptons, and something that is less talked and written about in the press is the stunning, natural beauty and gorgeous, pristine light of the area.  An added bonus is once Labor Day hits,
 the quiet of the area settles and the weather piques with natural beauty surrounding.
Wolffer estates -- the grapes are growing
my daughter and friends on horse trails in Bridgehampton
With a beautiful "Indian Summer" on the horizon in September and early October, these months can be a beautiful time of year.  Sometimes in summer, I am literally running from one activity to another, so I often forget to stop and "smell the roses", literally. I take the beauty of summer for granted, and once Fall begins I long to bring that outdoor feeling inside my home.
Let me tell you about my favorite flower shop in Eastern Long Island, which inspires me to keep fresh flowers all throughout my  home.  The Sag Harbor Florist shop regularly puts out fresh, creative vignettes and flowers in a beautifully stylized way.  Throughout the shop they mix cut and potted flowers, gifts, antiques and garden statues.  
My favorite flower shop inspires... 
all photographs taken by Tamara Stephenson, 
except this one above from Sag Harbor Florist
gorgeous statue in the Sag Harbor Flower shop
Tip #1: bring your garden statues & gargoyles into your home and onto your fall table...

example: arrangement of hydrangeas in my garden fountain set on my table

Tip #2: use your aged pots and urns, large and small, potted with ivy, topiary, greenery, ferns for inside your home.
 example: In my home in New York City,
I like to keep potted greenery, because many do well in the shade. 
I take advantage of my American pottery collection, and it showcases nicely when combined with green.  
my antique urns come in handy on my mantel
and I alternate orchids, tulips, daffodils and other in-season flowers throughout the year.

Tip #3:  invest in potted orchids.  Although orchids can be pricey, if taken care properly they can last a few months. 
Orchids are gorgeous, elegant and look great anywhere.  
orchid tip:  do not over water - soak their bottoms in water only once a week.  
Tip #4: combine flowers, vegetables & succulents on your Fall table.

a pretty Fall table I set for Barbara Southerland using her Quimper pottery
example: don't be afraid to get creative--use galvanized pots or unusual baskets and when juxtaposed against a sophisticated space, this will look gorgeous.  Use unusual color combinations, like artichokes, lemons and fresh vegetables on a tray with potted flowers, and unlikely accessories for a dramatic table. 
 Above we mixed mini squash, pumpkins, flowers, orchids and pomegranates onto a silver tray:  from my 2011 Fall table post here 
I keep bowls and plates of fruits and vegetables out in Fall

roses, poppies, hydrangeas--
these flowers keep summer alive in our home through the change in seasons

tip #5:  If you pine away for hydrangeas, cut them from your garden in their prime, then dry upside down.  
note:  to dry hydrangeas, cut their stems long, then wrap with raffia and spray them well with hairspray.  Hang somewhere dry for a week.  Spraying them will stop the leaves from shedding.  
my dried hydrangeas
Happy Nesting,
 XO Tamara