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Thursday, April 10

More art donations for my room at Design On A Dime from artists Michael Teters and Sarah Harris

I have art on the mind 
as I plan to add more lovely, donated pieces 
to my designs...
The gallery wall in my room at the Metropolitan Pavilion for the Design On A Dime charity sale is promising a plethora of gorgeous works.  From antique French prints to Americana sailboats, and original one-of-a-kind abstract paintings, the art is  eclectic, colorful and awe-inspiring. 
Hudson Light is sized nicely at 20X24
First, let me share with you the talent of artist 
Sarah Harris.  Sarah paints in her studio in the Hudson River Valley, and is inspired by Post-Impressionism and Fauvism.  She uses color to construct pieces and showcase her connection to the wonders of nature. She generously offered me a piece of her art, giving choices of a few select paintings from her collections.  I chose Hudson Light because the colors are riveting, seeming to channel the energy and aesthetic I am working with in my room.  I love the contrast of the bursting fire-like red and orange on the bottom of her work, and within the otherwise blue/green landscape in her painting.  

"My interest is to blur the perception between visual reality and the imagined. My paintings move between abstraction and representation,  focusing on color, landscapes, surfaces,, and qualities of light.
Since living in the Hudson River Valley, the many moods of the river have inspired a number  of my oils paintings."
Sarah Harris
check out more of her "River" painting series:
 another "Hudson Light"
"The Mighty River"
the many accoutrements I picked up for my dining table in the space referencing the natural world, the ocean and living my the sea, and will work well with the art.

Additionally, I decoupaged a set of 4 reproduction antique seashell prints from naturalist, Ernst Haeckel then matted them onto Farrow & Ball's brand new wallpaper collection, a pretty coral-like plant pattern.
Another riveting work donated by New Jersey artist Michael Teters
Teters' Encaustic painting seems to be in perpetual motion with textured raised sculptural designs and mixed medium, which is created in myriad colors ranging from blues to yellows.  It is gorgeous! Encaustic works seamlessly with the other individual pieces in the room, and together these will all combine on a gallery wall.  I am fascinated with Michael's micro focus on science throughout most of his art.  
"Even if I don't understand a particular piece of science, I might be drawn to the schematic, graphic or mathematical explanation.  The attempt of science to explain everything with its hieroglyphic language is beautiful in it's mystery and depth."
Michael Teters

other works by Michael from this same Encaustic collection...
All of Michael's work seems to harness a spiritual base, questioning the universe while looking to beauty of science and nature for clues.  This works well with the overall feeling in my space.  A special thank you to both Sarah and Michael for donating these wonderful pieces.

all the art showcased in my room will be for sale 
during the Design On A Dime event on April 24 
at the Metropolitan Pavilion
at 50-70% off retail prices!

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara