Saturday, April 26

Doors, windows & countertops in Italy - gorgeous design spotting in Milan

For ages, artisans have lived and worked in Italy lending their talent to help create rich architecture, which has left us with a beautiful story.

The doors of Italy inspire long-lasting design
All throughout the country, the doors pay homage to the artisans of the past.  

 don't you just love the doors of Venice?
the worn bright paint, now faded to a beautiful patina...the Moorish, Indian and Spanish influences mingle well with the Italian culture, helping to create the magic tonic that helps make Venice unique.
while walking along the fashionable streets of Milan, I was moved by the store window views.
When great style and quality come together with long lasting design, it is a wonderful thing.
Prada in Milan

I'm a sucker for anything under glass cloches.

 the Duomo in Milan 
was built by the hands of talents from all over the world


Cosentino's new countertop Dekton brings these sensibilities I saw in Italian architecture together (style, quality and long-lasting durability).  While in Milan for the Salone del Mobile and Eurocucina shows I spent time with the Spanish company Cosentino who in part sponsored our Blogtour Milan visit.  I was impressed with their fabulous new, versatile counter top product. The Dekton collection offers various patterns, colors and styles, and this material offers an endless possibility of uses.  Recently launched at KBIS, this highly versatile material is garnishing lots of attention. The state of the art technology allows designers and architects to expand their creativity to use the surface indoor and outdoors -- on walls, surrounding pools and terraces, on floors, on counters and even furniture. It is UV resistant and will maintain it's color, strangely strong and can withstand severe impact and abrasion when used in high traffic areas for both residential and commercial use. Due to the thermal shock resistance it can handle extreme heat, frost then thawing.  It will be interesting to see Dekton withstand over time, and this allows designers and architects a wealth of creative possibilities for both aesthetically and performance-pleasing results.  
For just a few ideas, please watch this 
I think the Ariane white strie/textured pattern is my most favorite and I can see it working well in flooring under a white pergola in a sea-side cottage, or maybe a walkway from an outdoor shower, or even a lovely counter top in a white-washed beach house.
I'm also a fan of the darker color Arianke, and when contrasted with white cabinetry would make a pretty kitchen color combination.

We stopped into the Arclinea showroom in Milan which showcases Dekton counters in their lovely stylized space. Please check out Dekton by Cosentino on social media too, on Facebook & Twitter

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara 

hamming it up with Blogtour Milan pals 
in the Arclinea showroom in Milan

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

note: this post was sponsored by Cosentino