Friday, April 18

Profiling Thos. Moser: the beauty of hand crafted furniture, pulling from old-world philosophies, and made in the lovely sea-side state of Maine!

Thos. Moser, Made in Maine, 
but channeling old-world principles.
Having just returned from Blogtour Milan and Venice where I had the opportunity to take a "Slow Venice" tour, which, well, that's for another conversation but the basic concept was to focus us on the handcrafted, behind-the scene-views of this special place in the world.  This idea and concept leads me right back here to our American soil.  I am happy to note that in the States we are again valuing the idea of hand crafted, local and artisan made products.  Hallelujah!  Yes, sometimes these items are bit more pricey, but by bringing hand made, soulful pieces into our home, we then bring balance, history and a deep appreciation for the craft.  Referencing Italy one more time, these old-world, European values were brought here to the States in the masses before the turn of the last century, pulling from many cultures from around the globe.  Because of this, we are very fortunate to have a strong history of making furniture, leather, wood, textiles, glass and art.  Quite frankly, these are some of the basic principles that were the foundations which built our country.  In today's market there are a plethora of affordable and accessible items, and it makes sense that we may want to bring some inexpensive items into our home.  
To me, these wares can all live together, giving our home a rich medley of items to appreciate.  It is refreshing to see we are continuing to pepper in incredibly rich pieces that will sustain their value and beauty for years, and sometimes generations. 
 So, on that note, please take notice of Thos. Moser, who has quietly and consistently been building the company squarely on these exact principles.  From a Seaside state, Maine checks both the boxes of places I love -- simple countryside landscape, yet the rugged topography of the ocean.  I recently visited the Thos. Moser showroom on the Upper East Side of New York City to catch glimpses of their furniture, and meet with their design team.

just a few of the Thos. Moser dream team
 giving us the skinny on their designs

NYC's Thos. Moser showroom 
on Madison Avenue
Moser has a variety of cool collaborations and projects they're involved with, giving back to the community and educating on this art form.  For one, they have in place a Student Residence program, a collaboration with the St. Timothy's school in Maine where students learn the craft of making furniture
2013 St. Timothy's program, signing chairs
Thos. Moser EDO dining table
When Thos. Moser generously donated their EDO dining table in the walnut finish to my Design On A Dime dining room, I was floored.  The EDO table has strong lines, and at a large 60" round size, dark wood finish and a straight-lined base, I knew this table would quickly become the "star" in the room, a perfect place for me to add gorgeous nautical tabletop items.  I then decided it would look the most pleasing to pair the table with contrasting chairs, something simple and French bistro in style, but rather than an equally strong wood finish, I chose a chalky white for the chairs.  The combination of elegant and casual beach-style items will work well with the EDO since the collection pulls strong architectural influences from architect Frank Lloyd Wright's philosophy of taking cues from nature and Japanese design.  
 EDO collection
You will just have to stop by, and pay me a visit me on April 24 at the Metropolitan Pavilion to see the finished project.  Please purchase tickets here, and remember, the table (and all the items in my room) will be for sale at 50-75% off of their retail price.  In case you cannot make it, no worries because I will post an array of photographs as well.  
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
some of the items that 
will be in my dining room at 
Design On A Dime