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Musings from Paris: Nest by Tamara's Top Trends Spotted at Maison Objet, January 2015

an artist hand painting plates in
Richard Ginori's showroom 
at Maison & Objet
Happy 20th Birthday Maison & Objet!
photo courtesy of Maison & Objet
Inspiration gleaned from 
Maison & Objet January 2015 
Walking the show allows us to connect with the teams who put forth the collections. photo, UK's Fromental group.
 Espace team Lab pulled from nature and technology to create a stunning exhibit.
The twice annual Parisian show Maison & Objet has been on my "must do" list to attend for years, and it is showcased in 8 expansive halls showing design and lifestyle products hailing from all over the world. I was over the moon when they invited me to attend because Maison & Objet has set a high standard for design trade shows.  Not only do they showcase the best exhibitions and products, but trends and design aesthetics are born here then trickle out giving fodder to the design & lifestyle industries.
exhibits from human made (above) 
and techno made (bottom)

artist Stephane Margolis explaining the technique he uses to create sculptures

Nest by Tamara's Top Ten Trends 
at Maison & Objet:
This year M&O set forth a strong message with exhibitions throughout emphasizing three principles; HUMAN made, NATURE made and TECHNO made.  These elements were clearly highlighted and infused into the collections debuting at the show.  We spotted specific strong design trends while walking the floor, talking to exhibitors and photographing over four days. 
1. texture
An explosion of texture with raised designs, inlaid, cut outs, nubby and rough because it is all about the touch whether tabletop or furniture.
Rablab's bowls in gold or silver are lovely! 
2. luxury & nature
We noted juxtaposition of high style, glamorous with rustic elements taken from nature. 

The oldest glass maker in Europe, 
France's St. Louis displayed their elegant chandeliers against mossy knolls, tables made from logs and fern brush creating a stunning exhibit.

Vik Muniz's Petri collection with Bernardaud showed abstract designs that at first glance appeared to be sea creatures, but after closer inspection we realized they were photographs of cells taken from under a microscope. 
Richard Ginori's hand painted porcelain 
eggs were set in antique chicken coops for a dramatic look.
3. painterly
A layered aesthetic showing patina and an artisan's hand on fabrics, furniture and accessories keeping a firm emphasis on the making of products with a painted feeling.

Richard Ginori's painterly plate.
Fashion house Gucci recently purchased the Italian company, and Gucci's fastidious attention to detail showed in every corner of the showroom put forth at Maison & Objet.  It was a beautiful artisan's vision!

Fromental's Ukiyo-e 
is a Japanese inspired fabric with a hand painted feel and looks amazing on this sofa!

4. insects
We noted a complete fascination and adornment of insects from butterflies to beatles on fabrics, plates, art, furniture, wallpaper and more.

Richard Grinori's ceramic insects
Zoffany's Harlequin fabric & wallpaper collection Papilo from the Amazilia Collection is both contemporary and classic and touches on two trends we spotted, painterly and insects!
5. organic shapes
after years of geometric pattern dominating on the market, the organic, natural form reigns.
Swedish rug Vandra offers a modern sensibility, organic shapes and nubby textures.  Their rugs are inspired by traditional Swedish Rag rugs.
 We saw many new rug designs at the show
Knots rugs from London showed organic and unusual patterns and shapes

we loved these sculptures channeling large looking rocks and painted with nature-inspired imagery. 
6. unique color combining
From chalky to bright, color ruled and mixed together with lots of color blocking and unusual combining.

Not surprisingly Missoni Home showed a rich use of color, but slightly different in how they combined it together in a less matching and more eclectic fashion.

Rockface by Fromental is a beautiful
hand dyed color blocked wallpaper inspired by Chinese mountain landscapes.  

Akin & Suri fabrics from London brought fresh color combinations on simple cottons. 
7. statues and busts
Inspired by the historic grand sculptures of the past, there were statues and busts offered up in colorful and unique designs.  Sophia Janvier showed chalky, whimsical colors.
8. fascination with gems
Although crystals, gems & rocks have been popular for awhile, they were shown adorned on every surface from woven into mirrors, lighting and encrusted onto tabletop collections.

New York based Rablabs showed beautiful light-infused gems and natural wonders including furniture and tabletop pieces. 
book ends by RabLabs
9. tabletop explosion
Entertaining in the home is on fire, and brands are providing more and more product to help make our entertaining an artistic expression. 

Raynaud Limoge Paradis, is 
a collaboration with UKs Fromental
using their wallpaper pattern overflowing with birds and butterflies.

more new collections from Richard Ginori

10. return to classic design
We noted there was a return to classicism harkening and emphasizing the past.

many of JAB Antoentz's 
new fabric collections are classic and luxurious 
channeling historic European design from centuries ago.
Alliage pattern from Bernardaud used
the historic European palaces as their muse
10. abstract animal inspired 
fabrics & wallpaper
 JAB ANTOENTZ's extensive collections were inspired by rich animal skins but in a more abstract manner then in the past. These fabrics remind us of animal fur because of their luxurious feel.
Casadelmarre is rich to the touch
 for more images, check our IFDA Maison Objet board. Please stop back for more musings from Paris and Maison & Objet soon including our own bespoke French cocktail recipe, favored design finds, hotels, antique and restaurant posts from Paris.
au revoir Paris!

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara