Friday, April 3

The Lighting Makes The Space: showcasing gorgeous donations from Troy Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting and Bunny Williams

Nest by Tamara shares four favorite lights, and this bunch will be featured in our Designer's Atelier room at NYC's Design On A Dime charity event on the evening of April 23rd! 
With creamy pink colored painted walls, thanks to Ralph Lauren's Classic Pink, and a contrasting dark, grey/blue/black rug from Apadana Fine Rugs (we named the rug Grey Gardens), our room will have interesting juxtapositions.
This annual charity gala event is only a few weeks away, and we are pleased to have these lights donated to our room at Design On A Dime 
design vignette.  

When designing a room there are obviously many factors to consider from paint color to furniture placement, but nothing can dramatically change the design more than the lighting.  We like a good mix of overhead lighting with eye-level table lamps and of course all put on dimmers to control the intensity.  For Design On A Dime's room vignette we will create a Designer's Atelier showing two artists working side-by-side.  The lighting choices are crucial, and we want sculptural and utilitarian lighting but also with a luxurious feel.  The room will  have a wonderful mix of modern and traditional styles together.

 1. Utilitarian Desk Lamp,
Dot & Bo 
This pair of cone-shaped black industrial desk lamps work well with the other lights we have planned, and the industrial feel, black shade and sculptural nature seem perfectly suited for a designer's desk.  

2 .Uni Chandelier,
Troy Lighting
is a unique shape, texture and design and complements the other lighting. It will most certainly become the piece de resistance in the room with the burnished bronze finish and spiky design. This impressive 30" size chandelier will bring a sophistication to the space. 

3. Austin Sconces,
 Hudson Valley Lighting
in aged bronze finish
 works well with the Uni Chandelier.  It is not easy to pair a unique chandelier like the Uni with sconces that can hold up to the strong design.  We will hang this pair of sconces, which are chameleon-like with their versatile style and shape.  They would work equally well in both an industrial space or a classic, traditional home.  The Edison-like bulb and a etched mirrored back adds an edgy feel. 

4.  Crack Glazed Ginger Jar Lamp,
Bunny Williams Home
With all this modern design I decided to bring in a classic beauty, yet this lamp will blend well with the others. There is a long history of transforming antique Asian Ginger Jars into lamps, and they are often our go-to choice when decorating for a client who has myriad styles. 
Here I was finishing up arranging the flowers in my DOAD dining room in 2014, 
which was featured in the pages 
of Elle Decor magazine.
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I plan to create a small all-white anemone bouquet 
like this one in our room!

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara