Wednesday, July 13

Wallpaper Wednesday, Part 2: The Scandinavian Influences on Patterns We Love...

sneak peek of our new wallpaper pattern, 
Hydrangea Dance with Root Cellar Designs to debut in September 2016
We Love The Nuances 
and Beauty of Swedish-Inspired Wallpaper
Our Top Five Picks This Week...
On the blog today for #WallpaperWednesday an up close look at the Scandinavian influences in our current wallpaper fascination.  Unlike the English or the French, the Swedes take the simpler aspects of life and bring it to fruition in a celebration on paper in a wonderful way that reads modern.  We love that about these papers, and the aesthetic is timeless.  We will also leave you with a sneak peek of one of our newly created wallpaper patterns, a collection we are creating while expanding our home textile company Root Cellar Designs with this new paper line this September, 2016.  Rooted with a deep love for wallpaper, we are excited to take this journey.  
Here are a just a few of our favorites....

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
Alexandra Pink by Sanberg Studios 
1.  Sandberg Studio-designed in-house taken from Swedish landscape, nature and lifestyle with a homage to history and culture. This design we'd love to see in the pantry or walls of a pretty, country kitchen.  
2. Lief on Almont papers are unique.  Stephan and Michael grew up in the southern part of Sweden, and those influences inspire their wallpapers and show the serene beauty of nature and the emphasis on craftsmanship. Hand printed!

3. Although UK-based, artist Camilla Meijer is Swedish born and those roots run deep because this paper feels decidedly Swedish to us.  These intricate patterns hold a simple elegance, and again, quintessentially modern feeling at the same time.  Inspired by nature she creates these detailed drawings that seem to come alive on the wall.  We love Swedish Leaf in the Tiffany Blue coloring!
Night of The Skylarks
4. TIINA the Store is a fashion and lifestyle shop in Amagansett, Long Island.  Opened in 2012 by one of the fashion industry's leading stylists, Tiina Laakkonen who hails from Finland.  The shop showcases this gorgeous wallpaper and offers it for sale in several color ways as well.  The paper was originally created in the 1950s by the late Birger Kaipiainen, a Finnish artist who created ceramics and art inspired by nature.  One of my most favored wallpapers seen in a long time!
 read the story about TIINA and photo credit via Remodielista

5.  Not on the market just yet, we have been inspired by Swedish design with this pattern we call Hydrangea dancing which reminds us of synchronized swimmers with the movement and we created it on a paper-like background.  We are based right here in New York City.  Susan Young and I create all our patterns inspired by historical decorative arts, fashion and nature we come together happily and busily creating our designs, all Made in the USA!