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Fashion Column: Our Take on Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery

Heading Into 2017, Let's Talk About 
Pantone's Color of The Year, "Greenery"!
written by Fashion Editor, Susan Young
"A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings"
Pantone 15-0343, Greenery
Greenery is Pantone's color choice for 2017, 
and we think it is a gorgeous, calming yet invigorating shade of the color green that fortunately extends the green color trend of fashion’s 2016 season into next year! We love all greens, and it's important to note it is the most common color in the natural world, presenting itself in more shades than we can count. It is our society's second most favorite color (after blue) and did you know the human eye is most sensitive to the color green out of all the colors of the spectrum?  Even those of us who are colorblind can show sensitivity to subtle green shades, according to the New York Times.  Green takes on and represents many positive feelings and meanings but it is important to point out there are some negative connotations as well--and in the 19th century green was even lethal when the color, Scheele’s Green contained arsenic as a stabilizing agent for wallpapers, homegoods, clothing and even confections. Other negatives associated with green are that it reminds us of envy, greed, sickness, and in some fashion circles, sewing with green thread the eve of a runway show is considered bad luck. Today, however, there is certainly nothing lethal or negative about “Greenery." Simply put, green is the most calming color in the color wheel. According to Kate Smith’s “All About the Color Green”, research shows that when we are exposed to green, our pituitary gland is stimulated, causing our muscles to become more relaxed, our blood histamine levels to increase, leading to dilated blood vessels and aiding in smoother muscle contractions.  This evidence suggests green is calming, stress-relieving as well as invigorating. 
a little more history about green...
Historically, the color has been associated with revitalization and rebirth--just think “Spring Green.”  In the 15th century, women often chose to wear green on their wedding day as a symbol of their fertility, making them an even more attractive bride during that day and age. In many places around the world, green represents wealth and prosperity, and our stock markets use the color green to represent when the values are in positive territory.  Research has shown that green can jump start our imagination and make us more inventive which might partly explain why we are so inspired by nature. The color is also highly appreciated around the world with seemingly every country finding value or meaning in the color--in Japan, it represents eternal life; in China, jade stones represent virtue and beauty; in Portugal, green is the color of hope and strongly associates with spring; and, in the highlands of Scotland, people once wore green as a symbol of hope.

Why use "Greenery" 
in our home and fashion...
 When it comes to our fashion and home, who wouldn’t want this ambience and these properties associated with us? Greenery is a perfect choice to bring a sense of calm to ourselves and relaxation into our homes! With the Holiday season upon us, we have "Greenery" resources all around us, and in abundance with fresh greens for decorating, Christmas trees, and many green fashion choices (since it is a staple color trending now).  To us, the message reads loud and clear, “GO GREEN” because this shade certainly boosts your home, health and personal style!
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