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behind the scenes at the Hermes Atelier, priceless!
Fashion dovetails well with interior design, and while the fashion world may be more fickle with designs changing from season to season, (interior design changes less in our homes than fashion), there is no denying the fashion industry has a big impact on interior design.  The world of fashion offers us many elements, fodder and inspiration for the home keeping our homes fresh and current.  Over the years we have had the good fortune to be invited to fashion shows during Fashion Week here in New York City and in Paris to collaborate with both big name and small, local fashion designers to offer our reviews on the blog for our readers.  Please see some of our perspectives, and let's give a warm welcome to fashion designer, and co-owner of home textile company root cellar Designs, Susan Young who brings her fashion expertise and talent to the blog...
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Fashion Editor, Susan Young
fashion designer, Susan Young has joined the blog as Fashion Editor.  Susan is also the co-owner of our home fabric and wallpaper company, root cellar designs.  She will offer up her expert advice and views to the blog while combining her love for fashion with interior design.  Please look for Susan's timely fashion-inspired posts.
Susan's reviews:
style icon Jane Birkin via our Hermes story