Tuesday, September 23

Wallpaper Post: Our Must-Have For Fall Decorating, Susan Harter's Mural Paper

Rush on over to Susan Harter's website & blog,
and become inspired to 
slather your walls in Mural Paper!
Photographs from Susan Harter's studio landed on my design desk this morning, and I am smitten.  Hailing from Boston, the artist is clearly influenced by the beauty and history surrounding the city. She takes the concept of wallpaper to another level with her fantastic over-sized and gorgeous Mural Paper in continuous non-repeating patterns.  

Here in New York City, there are often design challenges when decorating some of the older (but lovely) building interiors, including working around small spaces, rooms with little natural light and other constraints.  A mural paper such as these  showing a soft pastoral landscape cascading down a wall can provide many aesthetic benefits and creates an instant backdrop for a home that may already have "good bones".  

A little bit about Susan Harter and her papers:
Susan spent 15 years painting murals for some of the best interior designers in New England.  She and her husband came up with a trade-secret way to copy her murals to life-size then print them onto rolls of canvas wallpaper.  The quality is excellent, and even Susan cannot tell the difference between the original paintings and her prints.  Each mural comes on 35" wide rolls, and they can fill an entire room with non-repeating scenery.  Susan custom-tailors each mural to fit perfectly well in the client's home.  She prints the work herself in her artist live/work studio loft in downtown Boston. 

I am over the moon to note that Hines and Company located in the D&D building at 979 Third Avenue in suite 1010 sells Harter's papers to the trade industry.  Many other showrooms around the country represent Harter's designs so be sure to check out her website for a complete listing. 
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

 the Delft pattern (black above; blue below) is inspired by my favorite china pattern, Blue Willow.  When used in black, it takes on a lovely modern feel.