Monday, November 3

Bernhardt's Fall Collection showcased a stunning display of quality furnishings at Highpoint Fall Market!

The Bernhardt Furniture Showroom
Highpoint, North Carolina
this season
offered up a varied collection of furnishings and put forth spectacular trends while also celebrating their 125th birthday. The family-owned company rang in this special birthday by showing glistening metals, a gorgeous use of the color black, the intensity of red, the coolness of grey and blue, a collection of neutrals, an attention to fine detailing, a fabulous new grey Cashmere wood finish, nature-inspired motifs & much more.  
I was excited to hear that Bernhardt was my official Highpoint sponsor this Market.  This furnishings legend consistently serves up impressive collections.  I knew they would offer me lots of fodder to write about here on the blog.  However, I was still pleasantly surprised when I viewed the collection this October which offers something for every one's taste while wielding a fine attention to detail and also honoring the craftsmanship that goes into creating beautiful wares.  It is obvious the Bernhardt creative team studies the classics, and they bring all that knowledge to the modern home today.  I was given a thorough tour of the showroom, and there are many new collections to boast.  Most notable is the soft and elegant Marquesa which offers a brand new Cashmere finish on a variety of their pieces.  The collection is sophisticated yet versatile and takes classic design and gives it a new face, and there are a whopping 50 case good pieces in the line.  Bernhardt even uses seeded glass in the cabinetry in this collection to create a vintage look.

 I dream of writing my blog posts while sitting at this Marquesa desk with this stunning mirror from the collection overhead (below).  

 Marquesa shows with cool colors and metal finishes.
An up close look at the finish.
I am swooning over this metal cocktail table in the Graphite finish with a Moorish rail and antiqued mirror in eglomise silver stripe.  photo via Highpoint pin board
Another of my favorite pieces is taken from the new Miramont collection and harkens to the glamour of Old Hollywood and Vegas.  I would love to use this silver leaf laser-cut shelf in an urban dwelling, possibly a New York City pied a terre overlooking the city skyline.  And, wouldn't this ribbed silver leaf cabinet steal the show in the same home's entryway? 

And, how about this as well? 

Although the Salon collection is not brand new this Fall, it continues to be one of my favorites.  The collection is fashion forward with special attention to unusual details.  The gentle color palette with touches of gold makes it a classic design with a modern twist. This desk from the Salon line has an alabaster finish, Maple veneers, faux shagreen front and decorative circular shaped ends. 

Four of my favorite trends 
shown this Market by Bernhardt: 
1. metals everywhere, 
and combining metals too...

This trio of brass book shelves was a complete show stopper.  Stylized with black bound books, it illustrates how sophisticated brass can be when used in a home.
More metal cases working together with a metal based table.
A silver leafed cabinet paired well with black stripes!
I noted unusual and geometric shapes in the metal detailing.
2. channeling old-world craftsmanship 
with a modern twist: 
 eglomise, silver leaf, laser cut, fish scale & more...
Check out this fishtail detail up close on this piece.
A Birdseye view shows this old-world art form 
on a cocktail table.
3. Nature, Nature, Nature: 
Driftwood, petrified wood, shells, horned stools, bird motifs.  Nature was celebrated everywhere at Highpoint, and done exceptionally well at Bernhardt.
Birds made their debut at Highpoint,
and Bernhardt showcased them throughout the showroom.
This horn legged table tells our collective fascination with nature-inspired design. The vase, the driftwood sculpture and others were shown with Bernhardt's new natural looking woods.  Bernhardt did a great job at envisioning this trend. Natural looking wood finishes from grainy to subtle offer up something new to the Bernhardt client. 
Petrified wood end table with black -  a hit combination!
inlaid wood
inlaid work
 Up close details of this chair bring a few trends together: metal, detailing and nature-inspired 
with this faux animal skin fabric!
4. Color:
I noticed the softness of neutral palettes, the drama of dark charcoal and ebony black, the coolness of steel blue and the warmth of red at Bernhardt.  Color was varying but all with powerful impact.
One of my personal favorites is this steel-like blue and set against greys, taupes and other neutrals it is calming, and well suited for a bedroom.  
Bernhardt combined black, charcoal and grey in a  refreshingly traditional manner and by layering with lots of textures.  These colors were used everywhere and in unexpected ways then mixed with splashes of other colors.
I was impressed with the neutral color palette in various shades of tans and grey combined in a way that also feels glamorous but with a little patina!
The neutrals often times were set 
against a metal as an accent.

Bernhardt used red as a strong accent which adds 
instant depth and warmth to a room.
 Bernhardt did an excellent job of offering beautiful new collections this season, and all the while combining it with their other expansive line of furnishings.
Happy Birthday Bernhardt,
and thanks for 125 years of inspiration!

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

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