Sunday, November 30

Nest by Tamara's favorite 10 mirrors, some seen at Highpoint Fall Market

Mirror, mirror on the wall 
who is the fairest of them all? 
We love mirrors of all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the more unusual the better.  A mirror can do wonders for a room, and whether hung over a fireplace mantel or greeting guests in an entryway, it can transform a space.  The mirrors at Highpoint this Fall Market were unusual and funky, many worthy of mentioning.  
Come take a look at our 10 favorites this season:
 1. MadeGood's Donatella stopped us in our tracks.  Seen here in a natural, oval design. It's teak and nubby and gorgeous!  And, an added bonus is it offered in either silver and gold as well.
 2. We are equally smitten with MadeGood's Ava clamshell mirror.  In the oversized round shape it would certainly add style to a beach house, or perhaps to stylishly greet your guests in the Hamptons?
3. Palecek's Sun Burst Wall Mirror is stunning -- made in a hardwood frame with cool bamboo spokes, and a metal keyhold hanger.  
4. The Lawry mirror at Gabby Home shows Hollywood style glamour and dazzles in faux horn and rimmed in gold. 
5. Global View's Domino round mirror in gold and black channels the historic convex mirrors, but these put a new and fresh spin on a classic.
6. Marquesa mirror from Bernhardt
holds a romantic shape, showing a little patina to give a vintage feel.
7. We are fans of the old fashioned porthole mirrors, but this PortHole Mirror at Noir in a grey finish melds modern and vintage aesthetics together seamlessly.

8. The tall oval Nadine Mirror from Arteriors is elegant and unusual.  It is made of iron and hand finished with a lovely champagne finish.
9. Michele Varian's Diamond and Triangle Wood Mirrors look great in threes.  Made of solid walnut or white oak they work well hung in various configurations.  
10. Ambella Home's Octo Mirror is fresh off the press and ready for sale this December.  With an antique mirror frame and reverse carved bulls eye design and bevel details, and faux metal finish, the mirror is large but feels light and will reflect a lot of light.  

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara