Sunday, December 14

Art in the Home: Decorating a Kitchen with a beautiful painting by Jerry Teters

Let me tell you about 
a lovely oil painting from Jerry Teter 
WallKill Tree oil on canvas 24X30 by Jerry Teter
I am over the moon to have showcased Jerry Teter's art once again in my designs.  You may remember he generously gifted Housingworks an abstract work for my room at Design On A Dime last May.  Teters Art pieces appeared on my design desk again this past Fall as I planned to stylize a table and kitchen for Art Of The Table cocktail gala in New York City.  For this project I channeled the bounties of the season to show how we cook, entertain and live in our kitchens today.  For many NYC dwellers, the size and appointments of this particular kitchen I worked with was a dream space.  I showed a party in the making, maybe after a visit to the farmer's market, and illustrating the beauty of the season.  How appropriate that Jerry's Wallkill Tree painting graced the walls with a lovely country landscape.  To me, this painting's style harkens to the infamous Hudson River School movement from the 19th century.  Jerry utilizes the textural oil paint to create layers of earthy colors and captures the beauty of the great outdoors.  Wallkill Tree shows the fleeting brilliance of the Fall season.  
Please note the painting is for sale.  For more information, please check out Teters Art or email

a lil' bit about the Hudson River School movement:
"The Hudson River School was a mid-19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism. The paintings for which the movement is named depict the Hudson River Valley and the surrounding area, including the CatskillAdirondack, and theWhite Mountains; eventually works by the second generation of artists associated with the school expanded to include other locales in New Englandthe Maritimes, the American West, and South America".
Please take note of two other paintings by Jerry Teters
 in the same genre.
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara
by Jerry Teter
 Adirondack Backyard
by Jerry Teter