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Nest by Tamara's Happy Anniversary: Happy Birthday to Us! Thank You Readers

Blogtour London 2011
Milan 2014
Thank you to my readers 
as I celebrate a special anniversary on the blog!

My room at Design On A Dime
Time flies when you write a blog,
and my kids are literally 
growing up on Nest by Tamara...
Gabby and Miles looked like this 
(above with our poodle Bridget) when I began penning the blog!
Here they are a few weeks ago at the MET museum 
(far left; Miles and Gabby) with friend Bailey (right).
This month marks a crazy landmark, and I am grateful as the counter clicked to show the 600,000th reader stopping by Nest by Tamara to pay a visit.  I am blessed to have found my blogging voice.  Although it is certainly time consuming, I love it.  Each morning as I head out for my day, the camera or phone are never far from my side so that when I discover something fascinating, stylish, well made or on-point I have a large group of like-minded readers to share it with. 
my family blogging from Palm Beach 2012
Let me tell why I started blogging...
  It was on the heels of a difficult time in my life, and after the sudden passing of my mother from an asthma attack.  I sat in the hospital room while she struggled in a coma for weeks, grappling with the fact that my mom was too young and vibrant to die at 63.  I was angry when I lost her, and afterwards much of my outgoing happy persona was gone.  My mother was a single parent who raised us to live life to the fullest, enjoy every day experiences, look at the art and beauty in nature at every turn.  She was my hero and accomplished much with little resources.  She was a gardener, an artist, an animal lover and a decorator and passed that creativity onto me.  She dedicated her life to helping others as a professional social worker and advocate for children in need, and as a hobby she also loved to write.  Somehow I found my passion for writing again after my mom passed away, and penning stories began as a way to keep me closer to her, and all she loved.
my Velveteen Rabbit Christmas tree
Bartow Pell Museum 2012 giff... 
entertaining in East Hampton    
London's Decorex  
Let me tell you about bloggers...
I have had a passion for interior design all my life, but through creating the blog, design has become my muse.  With six years of posts under my belt, I now have others to share this sometimes obsessive passion with.  I have also learned to reach outside of my comfort zone, and I can count dozens of people as friends whom I met online.  I suppose that sounds weird to those who do not write a blog, but I have made genuine long-lasting friendships through social media, sponsored trips and events I have attended over the years.  There is something about the personality of bloggers that I find fascinating.  They are often entrepreneurial, open, spirited, curious about life, and let's not forget very good at multi-tasking.  You can spot a blogger group out and about because they are busy talking, and in a split second in the midst of all that energy, there are often blanketed pauses as they take in a collective moment, relish in that intensely, instantly capture it on some devise, then without skipping a beat continue their lively conversation about something else equally interesting. Bloggers ask a lot of questions too, and I have found that they (generally speaking because there are a few cranky ones) have a zest for life.  I'll never forget when I arrived in Venice for Blogtour Milan.  it was already a magical misty April evening, many of us were meeting for the very first time on this incredibly gorgeous (almost not real it was so picturesque) rooftop overlooking the canals of Venice.  I am from New York where people are generally pretty cool and collected, but each and every one of us began squealing with joy as we introduced ourselves, and we instantly bonded in our unbridled excitement for the journey we were about to embark upon! So, when sometimes the word "blogger" raises an eyebrow or takes on a negative connotation, I am reminded of this moment and happily proclaim myself as one. 
 Blogtour Milan 2014
 Design On A Dime in NYC
 London 2011
Posing with over 100 bloggers and Brizo in Memphis 2013 at St. Jude's Children Hospital
 Highpoint Furniture Market 2013
My designs at Art of The Table in Bilotta Kitchen
Out & about New York City, Fall 2014
What I have learned to do better since blogging...
Because I am very busy, I have learned to write more concisely in order to post often.  I can now extrapolate information at record speed, edit photographs, and get to the bottom of the fact checking quickly.  I've also learned to become an expert of sorts over on social media, and to utilize that power in a genuine way while interacting with others. Through blogging, I have become more positive about life, and I consistently wield the motto "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all".  I don't view social media as a place to argue, shout out about my politics or personal beliefs, but, instead it's a place to come together on common bonds.  

More good things that have come from blogging...

My New York design circle of friends have gotten tighter and more collaborative because of the blog, and heck, the entire design industry has changed because of blogs.  I am happy to report that many other bloggers and designers (potentially my rivals) have praised my designs and writings on their blogs, and I have done the same in return.  Additionally, I have had numerous professional offers as a result of blogging, and it is important to note that none of this would have happened if I hadn't turned on that computer in 2008 and braved into a new world when I was feeling lost. Thank you for sticking with me through it all, accepting my sometimes crazy typos on Instagram due to auto correct (Blogtour Milan inside joke that had the group literally laughing on the floor for days), and putting up with seeing my children grow up on the blog as I've chronicled many of my own life events.  My family has supported my blog with both my kids regularly acting as my photographer and helping me host events, and my husband acting as my own personal construction crew at times.  I am grateful for them.  But, it has been valuable to show how we gather around our dinner table for special occasions, entertain with our friends and family with everyone chipping in to help.  This kind of writing is soul baring because I don't just write stories about design and entertaining, I have accepted you into my home.  I venture out each morning into New York City hoping to amuse, entertain and inspire you, and my wish is that this small gesture brings you joy!

Gabby making Pierogy on the blog
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara

a giff...Design On A Dime

my Fourth of July dinner feature in 
Traditional Home's Great Kitchens issue
Cooking with Thermador & Traditional Home, California 2012
At the Interior Design Awards, Harvard Club NYC
Holiday House Hamptons with friends of IFDA NY
at The New York Design Center Fall 2014