Saturday, December 27

Wild About Wallpapers from Farrow & Ball -- a new eastern-inspired collection!

For the love of wallpaper!
When it comes to papering a wall, the more unusual the better.  Wallpaper has the ability to completely transform a space.  The perfect selection can widen a hallway, make a large space instantly feel cozy, turn a powder room into a jewel box and bring architecture where there may not otherwise be any detailing.  Farrow & Ball has long been one of my most favorite paint companies, and there is something special about the company, down to the personal way they name their colors.  Their new colors are refreshing and lovely, and check out some favorites...
is a perfect, soft green
when you simply want a lil' color in the room, 
Light Blue is subtle and perfect
on my must-use list for a design project in 2015 -- this pink takes the powder puff out of pink and adds soft sophistication and everyone looks beautiful in a pink room
good brown colors are a designer's secret weapon and this one is a must!  
Farrow & Ball is now quickly becoming one of my favorite wallpaper companies with the recent launch of their new collection.  Inspired by the sentiments of Japan, these papers take that traditional aesthetic, change it up by injecting their lovely English flair with beautiful palettes.  Come take a look at select papers from 
is like little cells encased in flowers.  I like that the pattern looks completely different when used in different colorways.
with a fan-like pattern this design is both geometric and organic in shape at the same time.  I love this vivid blue color and it feels fresh and modern.  
has an origami-like bird pattern, and this would look lovely in a seaside cottage.  My favorite is the navy colorway.
pattern has a hand made quality to it and almost like an ink and paper sketch.  This paper would add a little texture to a room without where you need a subtle feel.
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara