WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog

WELCOME to Nest by Tamara blog
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Hosting Guests for The Holidays? Keep It Festive & Stress-Free With Suggestions From Christy!

hosting guests for the holidays 
begins with sprucing up the guest bedroom 
This guest room promises a cozy Christmasphoto Christy.com
 I will be hosting quite a crowd this holiday, and it's a long stretch from Christmas through New Years.  I'm certainly not complaining because time with family is not as frequent as it used to be since many of our brood are stretched across the country.  It is a treat to be together cooking, laughing, fighting (yes, by day five we will be bickering) and spending time together.  We plan to spend Christmas at our country cottage in East Hampton, and with with many helpers in tow we'll prepare some delicious feasts.  

our holidays include making homemade pierogy
Since we use our house mostly as a summer cottage, it's light and whimsical with lots of color.  For the fall and winter I like to change it up a bit by bringing in more layers, moodier palettes and more patterns on the bed to make if feel warm and cozy.  I took to the Internet to pick up a collection of new towels, some bedding and a few throw pillows. I found the historic Christy brand offering many luxurious and quality options, and at reasonable prices to boot.   While checking out their website, I also came upon a helpful online book they created while collaborating with talented experts to offer up their wisdom on hosting guests for the holidays.  Below I have tabbed some of my favorite virtual pages from the book.
Christy's Guide To A Classic British Christmas 
offers great ideas for holiday entertaining...
Since I already follow Joythebaker's blog, I took note of her delicious sounding pumpkin pie recipe.  It seems the perfect combination of two of our favorite pies, 
pecan and pumpkin! 
 I have never made a mulled wine before, 
and I plan to try this recipe on Christmas Eve.
after all that eating, a long walk on Boxing Day is great advice. We totally agree, the Holidays wouldn't be complete without watching It's A Wonderful Life! 

 I love these Sumatra Indigo throw pillows and by adding a pair to my guest bed, I hope they will warm up the space. They will compliment the light green walls and work well with the over sized antique brass bed. As much as I strive for minimalism, I love the plush feel of a medley of pillows decorating a bed.
I think these cotton sateen sheets in the gentleman pinstripe pattern from the Bloomsbury Collection will add contrast to the all-white bed cover on the bed.  The Bloomsbury stripe square pillow will work well with the Sumatra pillows I chose as well, and the floral pattern adds more color.  
What a productive afternoon and one stop shopping with holiday recipes, decorating tips then picking up stylish bedding and linens.  I'm leaving ready for a festive holiday, so now it's time to decorate that tree! 

a lil' bit about Christy:
With history in their back pocket, Christy brings us beautiful wares.  In 1850, Henry Christy visited the Palace of the Sultan in Constantinople, and returned home to England with hand made, loop pile fabric samples, something new to the western world. His brother, Richard Christy reproduced the loop pile, created and patented a machine to produce terry toweling on a large scale. Cut to the Great Exhibition of 1851 at Crystal Palace and the first Christy towels were showcased, with Queen Victoria gifted her very own set.  The popularity of the 'Royal Turkish Towels' quickly spread, the Queen ordered more, and the rest is history.  
Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara