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BOOK REVIEW: Comfort Zone, Creating The Eco-Elegant Interior by Trudy Dujardin

Creating The Eco-Elegant Interior
by Trudy Dujardin
published by Pointed Leaf Press
This weekend I had the pleasure of reading renowned interior designer Trudy Dujardin's most recently published, Comfort Zone, Creating The Eco-Elegant Interior.  Dujardin poured 25 years of research and trial and error into creating the book, which touches on many of my interests.  First, the rich photography captures the unique beauty of the New England island of Nantucket.  Next, I am taken with the gorgeous interior design throughout, which chronicles Dujardin's eclectic projects over her career.  The pages are filled with beautiful homes while wielding a unique philosophy about holding the client's needs as a first priority, and all the while focusing on using sustainable products.  Rather then building a career around a signature look, Dujardin creates design centered around the client's passions and desires. 
"Good design means creating a space that reflects the individual person or family and their interest and desires." 
Trudy Dujardin 
Dujardin does a phenomenal job of showing her dedication to eco-friendly design while never skimping on luxury and beauty in a project.  I learned Dujardin favors many superb brands that we love here on Nest by Tamara as well -- John Boone furniture, Kravet fabrics, Stark carpet and Boyd lighting.  She shows that design can be award-winning and still have healthy indoor air quality.  In 2002, Dujardin helped to organize the very first Design Future's Council Leadership Summit on Sustainable Design on Nantucket Island with the Greenway Group, USA.  Next October promises the 14th annual Summit to be hosted at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel in Texas.  
Dujardin uncovers her client's dreams and mirrors those passions into the design. Whether it is collections from their ancestors or new interests, her firm incorporates all that into the project. She shared with me a special story illustrating how she keeps the client's needs first. Dujardin told of a recently divorced and a self-professed "incurable workaholic" gentleman who owns a large home.  Before the decorating project he worked all the time and tended to order take out when at home, staying in his home office most evenings.  Through her intensive process of uncovering a client's interests and dreams by helping them fill out personal surveys, joining together for many meetings and documenting and taking photographs of their current homes, Dujardin uncovered his passion for music.  She designed him a music room with state-of-the-art customized built-in cabinetry created in his favorite woods to help organize his large music collection.  After the project was complete the client reported back he often heads straight to his music room after work to enjoy a glass of wine and listen to his favorite music. 
The Thomas Starbuck House
There are many homes featured in the the book, but the 
Thomas Starbuck House on Nantucket is particularly fascinating.  Take a look at how Dujardin kept the integrity of this historic home by creating a simple yet elegant interior. The house originally belonged to the island's first whaling family.  In 1790, part of the house was transported by barge from Shelburne to Milk Street, and the descendants of the family lived in the home until 1919.  I love the deep Yankee roots and the Quaker influences in the architecture and how the decoration compliments the "good bones" of the simple yet regal architecture.  
traditional period paint color by Farrow & Ball surrounds the18th century fireplace;
"Nantucket Indians" painting by 
marine artist Michael Keane
a contemporary sofa in the Heppelwhite style;
pad foot Queen Anne candle stand table;
this room boasts the original wood floors;
a tribal bench which was found in the house;
painting by American neo-expressionist artist 
Hunt Slonem
The master bedroom was part of an addition added to the home in 1913, and the ceiling was opened up to the attic to give height; a custom bed; a take on a simple 18th century chandelier design; 
painting by Cape Cod artist Anne Packard

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara
a Birdseye view of the island's iconic Nantucket Baskets.

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