Thursday, March 19

Learning about the art form of gilding with Master Gilder Wayne Reynolds and Interior Designer Alexa Hampton at Lowy

  1. the process of applying gold leaf or gold paint.  
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    he material used in, or the surface produced by applying gold leaf or gold paint.
  3. -Wikipedia
A Fun & Educational Evening  
Learning About the Age-Old Art of Gilding.
An evening with Lowy Framing in their showroom 
at the Art & Design Building in New York City
It may have been a blistery winter evening, but the interior design industry came out to hear about the craftsmanship and history of framing at Lowy  in New York City.  We heard first-hand from master framer Wayne Reynolds who worked alongside interior designer Alexa Hampton during an hour-long demonstration.  Together the pair showed the audience the artistry and passion that goes into creating handmade gilt frames, and it certainly gave us a deeper appreciation for this old-world art form.
Delicious nibbles were served by catering The Party Box (if you have not tried their Brioche sandwich loaf, it is and a party pleaser).  Additionally, the Lowy family created us a delicious signature cocktail for the evening, The Gilded Goddess.
It was sparkly with a garnish of edible stars!

A little bit more about Lowy:
Julius Lowy Frame and Restoring Company offers fine art conservation and restoration services, as well as expertise in antique, reproductions and modern frames and framing.  From rare 16th century Renaissance frames to modern state of the art frames, Lowy offers over 4,000 ranges of frames.  Customers include museums, institutions, art dealers and private collectors who often ask Lowy to recreate period frames or create something new.  It was great to note that the in-house Master framers utilize old-world when gilding and framing.

Happy Nesting
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