Wednesday, November 25

Part 3: Highlights from Holiday House New York City, 2015

Only a few days left 
to take in all this amazing design fodder...
Head on over to the 
2015 Holiday House New York City
Where 21 designers have created these fantastic room events.  
Today, check out Part 3:
Our favorites moments
with designers
Darrin Varden, Robert Passal and Paris Forino
2. Darrin Varden's Sexy Valentine's Day
brings a little edge to Holiday House showing a unified garnet color throughout, showcasing his own lighting and furniture pieces, and all while exploring the darker side of this love-inspired holiday.  We love Darrin's sense of humor seen throughout the bedroom.  The stunning art by Mya Ando caught our attention, a floor to ceiling installation of skeleton leaves all hand dyed and threaded together beautifully. 
 3. Robert Passal's Moody Boxing Day 
shows this British holiday wielding Scottish fabrics in a sophisticated space using products from Holland & Sherry, Stark carpet, Zia Priven, EJ Victor and more. This is one of my favorite rooms at Holiday House because it has gorgeous historic wood paneling, and Passal showcases the space in its best light.
Paris Forino's master bedroom channels inspiration from travel, showing a well edited, but chock-filled bedroom, a holiday away.  There are vintage monogrammed steamer trunks recently unpacked with objets spilling over into the bedroom--kimonos, tea sets, beautiful artisan lighting and furniture.  Jim Thompson fabrics and more.

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara