Friday, November 6

The Five Sexiest Chandeliers Spotted at High Point Furniture Market, Fall 2015

Who Knew Lighting Would Be The Star at
 High Point Furniture Fall Market 2015?

Luna Bowl, Oly Studio
Great lighting can truly change the mood in a room, and the perfectly coiffed chandelier can transform a space from ho-hum to "let's cuddle up on the sofa". A little big of bling in a room no matter the style--whether contemporary or classic--takes it up a notch.  Lighting in general can help control the mood in a home, and the right balance of overhead lighting with table lamps is important, and of course dimmer switches can be a homeowner's best friend to allow a space to transform from a place to studying, eat dinner to hosting a cocktail party.   When it comes to budgets, I almost always tell my clients to splurge on lighting.  

While literally running from showroom to showroom at High Point, I spotted some of the most spectacular chandeliers this month at the bi-annual home show furniture market.  Gone are the days when shopping for furniture is a boring activity, and instead, High Point Furniture Market has become the place for spectacular parties, shopping for exciting new products being launched, and brands pushing the limits on creativity to give us unique products at affordable prices for the home.  While there we noted exquisite and cutting edge lighting, utilizing unique materials and a common thread rising in popularity is a use of unusual textures.  This growing trend is part of an overall cutting edge approach to decorating, and our homes are now getting more infused with artistically inspired pieces, and yes, sexier!  
our top 5 favorites this Fall...
1. Luna Bowl, Oly Studio
2.  Isla, Oly Studio

3. Larenta in Antique Brass, Noir

4. Ribbons of Gold Pendant, John-Richard

5. Walt, Oly Studio

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara