Friday, February 17

Baby It's Cold Outside, Let's Channel Fresh Cut, Tropical Greenery On Our Dining Table!

after spotting these lovely leaves, it put me on a quest for cut greenery to adorn my table!

By now I am certain you've been hearing the buzz about and fascination with the color green, and ever since Pantone named Greenery as the color of the year, we have been seeing all shades of of the hue everywhere.  This particular green feels freshly plucked straight from a tree or from a garden in bloom.  You may remember I showcased the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows this past holiday season, which paid homage to the color.  Months later, we are still feeling the nature-inspired color, and it is getting us through this cold winter.

Today, I'm channeling my recent obsession with cut tropical greenery in the home to show these beautiful tables and ideas, as well as inspire to set a creative table when entertaining guests.  With the weekend on the horizon, I plan to pick up a few of these beauties this morning to add my weekend table.  Instead of arranging flowers as I usually do (ho, hum), I plan to start with a banana leaf as a table runner, and then simply cut single stems of tropical leaves and arrange in glass vases for an airy, light feel.  This is guaranteed to put everyone in a festive mood. 
I love the look of fresh cut tropical leaves 
arranged in simple glass vases or bottles.
 my mind is wandering to greener paths...use a glass plate, and position a fern leaf underneath.

These are table settings I found and curated in my Tabletop Board.  Please head over there for sources and inspiration.  
Where to find these?
Tropical leaves can be found at most urban flower markets. I saw some similar stems at Whole Foods last weekend, but my favorites in New York City are sourced here on my
 NYC Flower District story.  When I want tropical leaves, I usually head to  Caribbean CutsTake a look at our favorite six tropical leaves. 
left to right:
1. Fern Frond
2. Fan Palm Spray
3. Elephant Ear
4. Areca Palm
5. Banana Leaf
6. Monstera Leaf
The current trend of using glass plates on the table brings a lightness to our entertaining, and works well with adding cut greenery. Please see these images sourced and credited on Tamara's Tabletop Board!
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara