Tuesday, February 21

Many Wallpaper Beauties And From And Unlikely Spot, The Historic Goethe Museum In Germany!

Wallpaper Musings...
From the Former Home of Writer, Poet 
Goethe in Frankfurt, Germany
Channeling Goeth from his writing desk

While in Germany visiting one of Europe's most expansive textile and wall covering shows, Heimtextil, we took a break to stop into a historic museum.  Ironically, we found ourselves smitten with the wallpapers in the house.  The museum was once the home of the former, acclaimed poet and writer, Johann Wolfgang Goethe.  
Located in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt, the original Goethe House was burned down during World War II.  Thankfully, the art and furnishings were salvaged before the fire and kept in storage until they rebuilt the home in the likeness of the original.  The museum is decorated with period furnishing and art.  It showcases the lifestyle Goethe most likely lived and shared with his sister, Cornelia while growing up, and gives special meaning to some of his earliest works. Considering Goethe was a literary celebrity by age 25, he most likely wrote the first version of Faust, and his first novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther here.  This plunks visitors and readers into his environment in an authentic manner. He was born in the house August 1749, and grew up here until he moved away as a young adult to pursuit his writing career. The house was re-built in the 18th century bourgeois style, typical of homes in this small Frankfurt neighborhood. 

His family were avid art collectors, and the home boasts their myriad paintings.  At the time, the contemporary Frankfurt artists followed the Dutch tradition of painting then  framed the art in traditional black and gold framing.  Throughout the home the paintings don the walls in a symmetrical form.  Back to these gorgeous wallpapers, many seem to have been plucked straight from the archives of a French atelier. I have no idea where these beauties came from, but I love them, and I am happy to share! 

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara