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Over the years I have honed my skills to become the consummate host and here on Nest by Tamara I show some of these stylish parties.  I entertain for my friends and family, brands, non-profit organizations and companies.  I offer up unique and creative tips and ideas here on the blog, and I demonstrate tabletop ideas, sources, menus, recipes and venues.  With these stories I hope to inspire my readers to enjoy the process, keep it elegant, but also comfortable and, at times, wildly creative in order to create a warm, convivial environment, put guests at ease and have fun.  I encourage everyone to enjoy the process of entertaining because it can be an incredibly rich experience.  Please see below some of the columns pertaining to this topic here on Nest by Tamara including - Under The Pergola, Weekday Supper & Culinary Dinner Column.  
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Under The Pergola column Summer
 "Under The Pergola" column is where I show easy and creative ideas for hosting events, either under a pergola or anywhere you channel the sunny season.  These stories help the host think of the entire event as a whole.  We all know there are a wealth of recipes out there now online to tap into, but it's bringing the entire luncheon or evening together with a smile on our face that can be the challenge, and all the while juggling a full life.  Take a look at some of the stories from summer 2014:

photo from a cocktail party I hosted for 
Marriott Atlanta's Travel Brilliantly program 

Weekday Supper column
During the busy work week, we still want delicious homemade cooked food, but only too often
we fall into the trap of ordering take out or eating leftovers or just a pizza.
I created WEEKDAY SUPPER column, to offer quick, easy yet delicious meals.  

Culinary Dinner Club column
Together with a group of my talented friends, I created a Dinner Club here in New York City.  We meet often to collaborate on a culturally inspired dinner.  Over the years we have hosted many dinner parties together, and we decided to make it a regular event as a way to share with others our recipes plus broaden our culinary skills.  We usually shop the surrounding appropriate neighborhood for fresh indigenous ingredients, then collaborate on a menu.  The Dinner Club has evolved with each of us stretching our culinary tastes and exploring new dishes. Take a look at some of these wonderful evenings we have shared.  

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