Welcome to Nest by Tamara

Welcome to Nest by Tamara
Since 2008 I've been writing Nest by Tamara, a lifestyle blog inspired by my busy life as a NYC interior designer. I muse about all that encompasses “nesting.” Stop back to discover my favorite interior design finds and tabletop and entertaining tips, while I advise you on ways to keep creativity as your secret weapon, so you can seamlessly incorporate myriad styles and wares together in your home as you juggle a full life. I hope to help you create a stylish yet well-lived in home while putting it all into perspective. Email me at TamaraStephenson1@gmail.com


Together with a group of my talented friends, I have put together a NYC Dinner Club.  We meet often to collaborate on a culturally inspired dinner.  Over the years we have hosted many dinner parties together, and we decided to make it a regular event as a way to share with others our recipes plus broaden our culinary skills.  We usually shop the surrounding appropriate neighborhood for fresh indigenous ingredients, then collaborate on a menu.  The Dinner Club has evolved with each of us stretching our culinary tastes and exploring new dishes.  The last year I have been documenting our dinners and posting recipes, table setting ideas and photographs to inspire others.  Take a look at the past posts I have written here on the blog about these wonderful evenings we have shared.  German kitchen cabinet maker, Poggenpohl generously hosted our spring French Country dinner last year in their newly designed kitchen by celebrity chef, Eric Ripert.  We had a fabulous experience. I am very grateful to my wonderful friends in this group, and it has been a fun journey to embark upon these experiences with them.  I hope you will be inspired to create your own dinner club, or simply pick up some recipes that are tried and true for your next gathering.
Happy Nesting XO
see a sampling of photographs taken from the various posts here on Nest about each dinner below.  To read the individuals posts with recipe links and photograph inspirations, I have provided the different links as well.

Enrique and Diana's

Brian and Gail's 

Randal and Tamara's

 Rob and Irene (and daughter Libby) 
Sublime Indian dinner in Connecticut

Rob and Irene's
Vodka, Pierogy and Lamb: A Russian dinner

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