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What We Love Today Column: Map Wallpaper Changes Our East Hampton Project

 Interactive Map Mural/Wallpaper 
For Our 
Interior Design Project in the Hamptons
this mural/wallpaper is perfect for a
beach house bedroom we designed 
in East Hampton, Long Island
Whenever we have the opportunity to add an interactive design for an interior design project, we jump at the chance.  Here in a teen boy's bedroom we designed for a history and nature lover (hence the surfboard), we thought adding an accent wall showing the map of the world would provide this future world traveler with inspiration. We happily found a wallpaper that he and his friends could mark on to trace their journeys. With a wipe-clean surface, this mural-like glossy paper has stood the test of time, and now ten years later it's still one of the family's favorite designs in the home.  
is also reasonably priced at $119.99 
 Ironically, I found this wallpaper while traveling to the west coast on business. I had maps top-of-mind designing this bedroom but rather than overwhelming the small space all four walls, I thought I'd do one long accent wall.  A space he could gaze on and see the world in one place. When opening the airplane Skymall magazine, I found this mural. Today, the mural is offered online and at quite a reasonable price for the entire world in one mural!  Maps as wallpaper is a genius idea, and although a perfect design for a nursery, children or teen's room, the design is suitable for many applications in a home and can create quite an ambience. I'm always on the look-out for new map wallpaper sources.  Please check out other map wallpaper looks we love, and the sources are pinned in our MAP BOARD.
Happy Nesting
 XO Tamara

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