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Stay Calm, Cool, Collected & Organized this Holiday Season with these easy, peasy tips offered up by Jen Singer

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Happy Friday

help is on the way 
with tips for all of us to stay organized 
this holiday season!
via Home Office board
I want to express to you how much I pine away 
for the perfectly, coiffed home office.  

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When we moved into our apartment I was over the moon to have a small space behind the kitchen to create my home office, and immediately spruced it up with a desktop computer, all my design books, lamps, mirrors and decorations.  However, as my life as a design blogger has progressed these past few years, my office has literally become the inside of my purse -- my ipad, camera, phone, some random Brunschwig & Fils swatches, all the design apps, and maybe if I can fish deep down into the bag and pull out a pencil and pad, that too!  
writing on the go 
Blogtour London, September 2010
writing on the go: 
a historic walking tour Carnegie Hill, 2011
 I am not complaining too much (except that this above purse is not mine...take note hubby for Christmas because I love it, and it's Marc Jacobs) because being on the "go" is exciting and allows me to get the scoop on interior design and all the fabulous events and design wares around New York City, but it can be a tad frazzling at times. 
At the risk of sounding a little "Scrooge-like" I must admit it is difficult to keep it altogether and neatly tied into a bow during the holiday season. I write about how much I love the season over here on Nest each year, and yes, it is true.  The idea of Christmas and visions of sugar plums and snowy days are the memories and images I hold dear to my heart, but sadly only too often those weeks leading up becomes a mad rush of dashing, wrapping, shopping and rather than enjoying myself I become overwhelmed.  

What's a "nesting" gal to do?  
How do we enjoy the holidays 
and stay organized?  

I may have a few answers, and had the pleasure to interview mommy blogger, Jen Singer who is working on a project with Microsoft.  Jen came up with some handy dandy organizational tips to help get us through the season.
my Holiday Table 2012

Check out my interview with Jen Singer, 
author of,  called
Holiday Guide to Getting It All Done 

watch this video

In the interview, I ask Jen these four questions to help us get through the busy holidays!
1. Jen, tell us what interesting findings a recent survey revealed?
2. How do you stay organized with your busy life and business?  and, would you kindly share some "tech" tips with my readers.
3. What is Microsoft Office doing today?
4. Please tell us about the Get It Done Anywhere Contest?

Check out the video to see Jen's advice.  
 Stay organized, 
and let the celebrations begin!

note about Jenn:  
Jen Singer is the creator of, a virtual community for mothers that has grown to reach tens of thousands of visitors around the world.  Jen is a mom of two boys (high school age) and has been quoted in numerous national and international magazines, newspapers and websites.  

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Happy Nesting 

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