Saturday, November 23

Day 4: Patrick James Hamilton's Luck o' the Irish inspired room at Holiday House New York City

The lore & magic of Ireland 
is realized in Patrick J. Hamilton's 
gorgeous study 
for Holiday House New York City. 
I love green, and what a way to pay homage to this year's celebration of emerald green by soaking up the magical space designed by my friend Patrick James Hamilton for Holiday House New York City.  Patrick's small space is packed with great style and many details. The longer I stood in the room the more the details came out about the design.  It was very appropriate he chose a St. Patrick's Day inspired room.  Being Irish myself I truly appreciate "all things Irish", and there is a sing-song, storytelling approach to the way the Irish people live everyday that is central to the culture.  With lots of good luck infused, Patrick tells a rich story utilizing gorgeous art, green textiles, quatrefoil symbols, and even photographs of his own family.  
The celebrated patron saint, St. Patty, is honored in this traditional-meets-modern space, but with nods to the lore that surrounds the history of Ireland.  Patrick used Irish-made products to illustrate the heritage as well with antique Irish hall chairs from O'Sullivan Antiques, Waterford (Irish crystal) tabletop items, quatrefoil pattern molding and symbols, black and white motif woven throughout the green (pubs are painted black throughout Ireland), and many more incredible details.  
come take a look...
 the quatrefoil symbol was used throughout history in many cultures.  The Irish incorporated the symbol (which was originally religious based) into many of their homes and churches.  Read about the history of the shape on my 
Why In Design column. 

the black, green, gold story shown here

Waterford crystal from Ireland 

Patrick's holiday decorating advice:
Bringing the color green into your home during the holidays is easy to do while infusing a warm feeling of the season.  By using boxwood, pine and other natural greenery you set a festive tone.

Thank you Patrick, 
and congratulations on a beautiful design!

Happy Nesting
XO Tamara