Wednesday, November 6

New York City design talents serve up advice on how to bring antiques into our homes while adding richness and depth, and still keeping it modern

up close detail via Doris Leslie Blau rugs

gorgeous antique chair I spotted 
in New Orlean's historic Magazine Street

Let's chat 
about how to incorporate the charm, 
beauty and patina of antiques into our homes
while retaining a modern aesthetic
Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs showcases how to use select antique pieces
and not overwhelm

The modern home today is layered with details, and we are fortunate to be able to  "cherry pick" items from all over the world.  Selecting one of a kind antiques and incorporating them into our interiors allows us to tap into that deep sense of history many of us crave while creating a curated, layered "nest".  I believe adding that special antique can become the "soul of your design project".  While maybe these items are a bit of a splurge they become the crowned jewel, and with their history and patina they add depth.
 interior designer Philip Gorrivan showcases his 
talent for using antiques 

Yesterday I had the pleasure to moderate a panel with some of New York City's design talents on this very subject.  We spoke to a smiling and engaged audience over at the new Bespoke showroom in the D&D building about the value of sourcing and using antiques in the home.  We heard from famed New York City designer, Philip Gorrivan, who recently relocated to London, about how he utilizes select antiques in his classic, yet modern interiors.  Philip talked about the importance of  bringing “one off”  pieces into his client's homes and the narrative that can add.  Designer Jon Call of Mr. Call designs added his thoughts, and freshly inspired from a recent trip to Paris, he  spoke candidly about standing back once a project is complete and using “blurred vision” when looking at a room as a simple test to see the overall shape, balance and beauty of a space.  The right antique adds to that design, and rather than focusing on the provenance of an antique, Jon looks to the shapes and lines to see if it works in his spaces.  New York City designer Justin Shaulis noted that investing in antiques not only adds beauty and richness but makes good business sense as well.  He also likes to add antiques to his designs to enhance the architecture of a home. Toma Clark Haines of the Antiques Diva & Co., spoke about her flourishing business working in Europe helping many in the industry source the most beautiful and hard to find pieces.  Toma wisely advised that the hunt for these unique pieces adds to the experience and love we put into our homes.  Toma also mentioned establishing a relationship with the dealers or shop owners is important in order to build trust when buying.

all the panelists agreed when on the hunt for antiques, do your research to 
know what you are looking at, then
don't be intimidated to turn over an item 
and read the markings.
Justin Shaulis' designs illustrate how he brings antiques into his interiors
while retaining a modern aesthetic
I hope to use one of these beautiful 
antique, Persian rugs offered by 
Dori Leslie Blau
in one of my future projects
I like how my antique Blue Willow collection looks fresh when arranged on my summer table and mingled with modern porcelain and linens.

Whether we begin our morning stepping barefoot on a 19th century rug from India, Russia or France, or nibbling our lunch under a pergola in summer upon an antique English porcelain plate, it appears the key to keeping it fresh is to bring these special wares into our homes with a nod to the past while incorporating them with new, modern designs!
a lovely patina on this chair shows the age

 Just like all good designing, successfully incorporating antiques into a modern home  is the delicate balance of many elements.  Philip Gorrivan likes to combine antiques he chooses for his clients with what he calls "future antiques", and these are pieces that are either hand made or uniquely high in quality, hence combining well with antiques.

note: a special thank you to Andrew Joseph and his team for putting together this amazing panel discussion
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara