Thursday, November 21

Holiday House sneak peek Part II: views of Cullman & Kravis' 30th year birthday, plus their holiday decorating tip

a birthday party to remember...
Start the season on a high note, 
by popping over to 
Holiday House  
located at 
The Academy Mansion
2 East 63rd Street
New York City
opened every day from 11am-5pm 
until December 18th.
*Thursdays open til 8 pm with live music and wine tasting

"Celebrating the best in interior design 
and holiday entertaining 
while supporting the fight against breast cancer"

Yesterday, we brought you glimpses of Patrik Honn's cozy den.  
Today let's peek at the gorgeous sitting room by the Cullman & Kravis team, 
a 30th year birthday celebration for the design firm. Plus, let's hear what 
holiday decorating advice they give to Nest by Tamara -- I love it!
Working with the "good bones" architecture of the home, the team had a good start.  While also celebrating the design firm's birthday, they threw themselves a gorgeous celebration in a wonderfully decorated sitting room complete with signed copies of their brand new book as party favors and lots of champagne for toasting.  The room shows the firm's design aesthetic, attention to detail, love of a little bling and their ability to weave together a lovely color story to create a luxurious space.  I am over the moon crazy for the the glittery, shimmering fabric upholstered on a couple of pieces of furniture, and it is refreshing to note it is "butter" soft as well.  They made their very own "faux birthday cake" with leopard print design to commemorate the day.   

 A plush throw, a chaise and some fantastic styling of these pieces brought together a very pretty picture. After all, every room needs a little bit of animal print, don't you think? 

The room's palette was inspired by the cover of the book 
in shades of orange, cream, gold and silver.  
I hope to add this wonderful book to my holiday book review round 
just up after Thanksgiving - 
look for it here on Nest by Tamara.
To honor the many women who have lent their talent to the firm, 
they chose contemporary art created all by female artists. 

Cullman & Kravis shares a holiday decorating tip:
create a "balloon crib" to showcase a group of festive balloons at your next party
the grouping of hot orange helium balloons appeared to be floating on the ceiling over the sitting area.  The team put together an easy-to-install "balloon crib" as they named it, to corral the balloons over the fireplace mantel and sitting area.  Made from a simple frame of Lucite it adheres to the ceiling and gives the balloons a small area to hang.  You can use crown molding pieces or any material to create your very own balloon crib for you next celebration!

 Happy Nesting
XO Tamara