Friday, November 29

The day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday on the horizon, let's save the hassles and lines and do a lil' online holiday shopping

Shop Till You Drop With Online Finds!

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It's a calm Black Friday 
as I shop online from the quiet of my home, 
while crossing important items off my holiday list,
and even perusing finds overseas

I haven't even finished wiping up the dishes from last night's Thanksgiving festivities and "Black Friday" is buzzing all around me on social media.  I am already contemplating gifts that need to be wrapped and set under the Christmas tree to delight  my loved ones.  It is rewarding to see the smile on their faces when unwrapping their gifts selected especially for them.  This year we are keeping it simple now that the kids are getting older and we will be traveling for the holidays, but I will still be hand picking select items for everyone on my list.  With my busy schedule, I may not head out to join the crowds of people heading to the department stores today beginning at the wee hours of the morning.  I am not up for the lines with sharp elbows out in order to obtain that special item.  Instead, I'll sip my morning coffee and with the click of my computer keys I can order up items online, and hopefully pick up bargains to boot.  

What's in my online shopping cart? 
I have come to love etsy because of the combination of vintage and handcrafted, artisan items from jewelry to home decor items.
These Peridot earrings are literally the price of a lunch (under $20)
and I'm certain my daughter will love them when she finds them tucked in her stocking
more bargain jewelry items on etsy

Because of my son's passion for marine biology -- 
I know he will appreciate these vintage illustrations I found on ebay
and will have framed.

Online shopping has drastically changed over the past few years, and I have become a huge fan of perusing sites to find my favorite bargains.  Over on Amazon, I can pick up my son's favorite computer items, books and such, and there are now many websites where I can find quirky one of a kind items for the selective people on my list.  I also like to shop online for hard to find stuff for my design business.  Last year while decorating a large festive Christmas tree for the Bartow Pell museum I discovered a variety of websites for gorgeous and unique vintage tree ornaments.  I bought antique mercury glass sets from all over Europe, and even some glittery, kitchy ones from the 1950s here States.  I was able to get many unique bargains bargains for my tree on

these vintage mercury glass ornaments arrived literally in the original box they were sold in and still in excellent condition, but with a little patina they worked perfectly well for the project I had planned -- I decorated the tree in the large ballroom at one of New York's oldest museums -- the Bartow Pell museum in the Bronx

with children's book the Velveteen Rabbit as my muse, I created this tree with glittery gold and woodland creatures and bought almost all of my ornaments online.

I love the hunt for antiques and collectives because it is exciting to find 
that one perfect item.  
I am crazy for these antique copper baking tins I spotted at the 
East Hampton Mulford Farm antique show
I am crazy for these antique headboards I spotted 
on Magazine Street's antique row in New Orleans
but I was able to find this antique plate, 
shell bowl and brass lobster online.

As many of you may know from reading my hunt for antique posts, I love to shop flea markets to pick up some of my favorite collectibles.  Almost every time I travel I make it a point to stop into local antique boutiques to see if I can pick up pieces of antique Blue Willow, my McCoy pottery collection and add to my unique, eclectic antique silver collection.  There is nothing like finding that one of a kind beauty to add to your home, but sometimes when traveling is not an option it is good to know that there are a plethora of online shopping options for antiques and vintage items.  So, in the midst of my holiday shopping I was happy to find more websites geared for sourcing overseas.  My new latest obsession is Quicksales, which is a free, Australian  owned and operated listings website where many individual sellers, artisans and businesses list their handmade crafts, designs and products ranging from jewelry, cards and home design products.  The robust Home and Garden section gives me lots of fodder, and I wiled a way a bit of time there checking out some real bargain tabletop items which would add greatly to my Holiday table.  

What's on my very own "wish list" for my holiday table from Quicksales? 

 this English Silver (the Kings pattern) serving pieces would complete my set, 
which I found at Piccadilly Circus antique market in London a decade ago

how cool and modern looking is this German vase?
this festive Johnson Brothers plate
works well with this flying grouse blue/green plate
this retro milk glass divided plate would round our my collection
how cool are these double lustre vases?
this adorable little pitcher would go splendidly with my other brown and white porcelain and perhaps filled with maple syrup on Christmas morning?
Quicksales is not currently shipping to the States, but I'm hopeful they will be soon.
Check out my Quicksales Pinterest wish list
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara 
note: Nest by Tamara partnered with Quicksales in makings this post