Monday, February 17

Because it's a bit of a dreary winter, paying homage to pale, whisper pink in interior design

To me, there are no "it" colors 
just the best color on earth, pale pink
" I painted the hall at Kelmarsh pink, an Italian pink, a light terra cotta.I always kept baskets of clashing pink geraniums on the Kent eagle side tables." -Nancy Lancaster
Did I mention I love pink? 
Not bright in-your-face-bubble-gum-pink, but the pale, whisper of pink that transcends little girl pink, instead it's another worldly color when used in historic spaces bringing beauty, highlighting architecture and well, making everyone look their very best.  I have always loved this hard to pinpoint color, and my husband brings me the lightest shade of cabbage rose he can find when he wants to delight blood red flowers for me.  faint pink makes me happy--it's my "go to" color and bit by bit I have woven it into my designs in small ways.  

For starters, I had the prettiest and most comfortable sofa in a pale pink that I carried with me through three different NYC moves during my 20s and 30s.  For ten years I loved this sofa, and it's my most favorite piece of furniture to date, however, it simply did not fit in the doors or windows of my current apartment so the pale pink sofa went to GoodWill, but I will never forget that sofa.  It was wonderful to sink into and read a book. 

One of the greatest designers in history, Nancy Lancaster, utilized this shade in a very regal space.  Lancaster was the illustrious designer during the 20th century and one of the talents responsible for creating the uber popular "English country home" style.  She was also owner of British decorating firm, Colefax & John Flowler.   American born but with regal English blood, Nancy married three times and eventually moved to England in her adult life and bought a beautiful Palladium style home called Kelmarsh.  In pursuit of bringing this historic gem into modern society, she used color to help transform the regal home.  Nancy swathed pale pink in the hall at Kelmarsh -- the hue was inspired by the dining room at Rushbrooke Hall in Suffolk.  
 Martha Stewart's guest cottage showcases a similar color
 these curtains are close, but maybe a tad too vivid?
my pink board
 Farrow & Ball's 
new paint color, Pink Ground
is as close to the mark 
of that specific color I have been after for awhile.
I am hoping to use this historic color in a design project very soon.  Stay tuned because I will be certain to blog about it when I do.
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara