Saturday, February 15

thank goodness for incredible art to inspire us this winter. Mark your calendar for James Greco's solo show opening here in NYC this March

I appreciate this thought provoking statement by 
artist James Greco...
"There is a space between ugliness and elegance where beauty is born and lives.  My efforta are inspired by this space, my paintings reflect it."
With this overwhelming onslaught of crazy weather, and a haze of white out our window so often this winter, thought I'd brighten your weekend with a lil' bit of beautiful, colorful and graphic art to lift our spirits.  

From March 14 through April 13 you can see a collection of 
James Greco's works,
 paintings on canvas, 
 showcased in a solo show at 
right here in New York City
at 88 Orchard Street. 
The gallery displays a variety of works placing an emphasis on artists who embrace innovative art practices.  
Come take a look at some of my favorites...
and, not only am I drawn to his art, but the painting's titles 
are wonderful to boot!
 Bottomless Longing
 Hiding In Place Sight
 Holding the Geisha
love the name, love the colors and the three dimensional quality to paint.  This one may be my favorite.

Sicilian Farmer
 Where is Her
Where We All Belong
another favorite, and somehow it feels familiar, reminding me of this special, historic little corner in my neighborhood of Springs in East Hampton...a red barn, just near Jackson Pollock's home where he created his infamous drip paintings.
Greco is a painter and sculpture.  
His abstract works vary from small paper explorations to large oil and mixed mediums on canvas.  He is a graduate of the school of Visual Arts and recipient of a 1997 Penny McCall Foundation grant. 

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara