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Monday, May 12

Everything AND the kitchen sink -- Eurocucina offers fresh design, and many sightings of Blanco sinks, offering something for everyone

trend spotting in Milan, Italy 
at the kitchen show Eurocucina

I don't know about you, but I want my kitchen to sparkle, look gorgeous over time, yet provide convenience and efficiency at the same time.  I want this especially for my kitchen sink but I also know it takes lots of wear and tear.  I'm certain we would be shocked at the hours the average homeowner spends at the sink washing, cleaning and preparing .

trend spotting: 
While at Eurocucina in Milan I noted lots of greenery and potted plants and herbs in the kitchen, and there was a mixing of worn items with patina together with sleek kitchen design.  
potted plants wrapped in burlap, galvanized pails as planters, antique Japanese rice pots as accessories - and a mixture of rustic with sleek combined.

trend spotting:
I traveled with other like-minded designers with Blogtour Milan, and we seemed to agree on seeing similar trends.  I noted ultra-modern oversized, 
seemingly floating wall shelves that also acted as room dividers and stylized with clear and colorful glass, as well as pottery, and all mixed with a cornucopia of interesting kitchen accessories.  
I spotted state-of-the-art kitchen designs, and in addition to floating shelf/walls I also saw lots of wood (but beautiful, pale seemingly unadorned wood), a mix of old and new items together, and stand-alone cabinetry.

trend spotting: 
I loved seeing free-standing cabinetry in the kitchen, because it feels like furniture.  I noted a mixture of aesthetics, and lots of  industrial style designs combined with classic designs.

The sinks were divine as well, from colored to metals and one of our very own sponsors, BLANCO offered up some of the juiciest sinks on the market.  This family- owned business has been producing sinks, faucets and accessories since 1925, and that explains why they make some of the finest I spotted while in Milan.  Although they were not exhibiting at the show itself, their sinks were seen in dozens of the exhibits at the show, as well as all around the kitchen showrooms in Milan.  We certainly had the opportunity to view the best of the best they have to offer. 

I am partial to heavy, high quality stainless steel sinks (back to the idea of how I love my sink to sparkle), and there is something wonderfully lavish about a high-grade, heavy stainless steel sink.  I most enjoyed two new options offered up by BLANCO and between these two sinks, they offer something for everyone's style and needs...
For starters, the new Attika sink is my favorite.  With its tall lip, and sculptural qualities it holds an artistic quality.  It's sturdy and chunky, and would look oh, so chic in an urban loft or large apartment. 
I saw the ATTIKA sink in a variety settings and it is stunning!
photo courtesy BLANCO Pinterest board showing #CULINA faucet #ATTIKA sink and cutting board at ACHEO showroom 
Next, the ONE sink 
has an under-counter fitting which offers many options as well. I like that BLANCO offers three different sizes, and an accessory kit to trick it out.  Whether it's an empty nester couple in need of a small sink or a large, overflowing family desiring many features, homeowners can customize their very own sink to meet their needs. This explains why this sink is one it's best sellers.  
a lil bit about BLANCO's stainless steel:
It takes 48 steps to create a BLANCO SteelArt sink.  Each one crafted from stainless steel materials and all out of one piece of high-grade finest quality stainless steel.  BLANCO's quality sets them apart from their competition. 
image via professional photographer,
Chasen West for Modenus
This post is sponsored in part by BLANCO
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
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