Tuesday, May 6

A beautiful day in Venice: gardens, art, history and ending with Clever Storage ideas for the modern-day kitchen.

Just another day on Blogtour:
Sneak peeks behind historic Italian villa doors
a splendid afternoon
with a Venetian Countess, then a visit to a German uber-modern kitchen storage showroom.

 No, you are not dreaming, and this is not some crazy set design, but an actual home in the very center of the historic city of Venice.  As European cities go, Venice is chock-filled with history, not just from the Italians, but from the Turks, the Greeks, all through the middle east and beyond.  You'll see it in the unusual architecture around every cobblestone corner.  I love that, and we were given a thorough historic tour this particular afternoon, spending an afternoon with a lovely Countess in her splendid home in the heart of Venice, her gardens overlooking the canals.  The home seems virtually untouched by new technology and furnishings, with all the finery left in tact beckoning us to the past.  We walked through the large mahogany front door (with the crazy detailed knocker) in awe, and you could probably hear a pin drop as our designer jaws were almost on the floor.  
Although exquisite, the home is refreshingly  in need of repair, which also adds to the charm.  There has not been much refurbished, rebuilt, extended nor added or restored.  I half expected a butler to turn the corner and invite us to tea in front of the window.  

And, speaking of the window, that view inviting guests to peer at the Gondolas in the canal...well, I'm not going to write anymore, I'll simply post these photos.  In essence, we stepped back in time to appreciate the wonders of the high life from another era, the way only a few were able to live but others so very much coveted.  The gardens rivaled the interior of the home, and it was a treasure trove secret garden of sorts, that one dreams about.  Later, our group moved to a German showroom nearby to hear about futuristic-like kitchen storage solutions and how they help make our life more comfortable and compact - how ironic, and I appreciated both polar view points.  
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara

 I'm crazy for these close up views of the wonderfully, handcrafted items throughout the home, from textiles to silver, glass, carved wood and other beautiful wares!

We walked behind the 
hand-forged iron gates to a glorious garden.

hours later, we're in a modern, German showroom hearing about state-of-the-art touch-open storage solutions at Clever Storage.  
They served us a delicious dinner to boot.  
Clever Storage helps optimize the most important room in the modern home, the kitchen.
words on the tip of their tongue:
comfort, space, attention to detail, optimal, 
clarity & functionality...
we learned about fascinating storage solutions
as they demonstrated their
easy-touch open cabinet systems.

for 50 years, Clever Storage owner, Kessenbohmer has been the world leader in creating exceptional kitchen storage solutions designed to maximize space and efficiency.  Some cabinet benefits include the entire cabinet contents within easy reach in seconds, and the individual trays functioning independently for maximum convenience.  They offer "magic corners" and "revolving storage solutions" and other fascinating options to make your work time in the kitchen a breeze.  Now, the idea of combining the old with the new sounds very appealing.  For my next dream home, I'd like the old world wares and art, as outlined above in the Countess' villa, with the state-of-the-art features offered by Clever Storage to help make the most important room in the home, the kitchen, a pleasure to work in.  
please note:  
this post partially sponsored by Clever Storage