Saturday, May 31

The beauty of Italian design highlighted by Italian bathroom company GESSI during Blogtour Milan

In my opinion, 
the Italians win hands down 
for great design!
The first time I went to Italy over 25 years ago, I was elated.  Similar to France, where every bite of food is delectable, and in England where there are pretty gardens and homes everywhere, Italy fascinates visitors but on every sensory.  The Italians are perfectionists, with a a relaxed sensibility.  They are gourmands but with a sense of simplicity.  Italian fashion is exquisite because of the old-world craftsmanship in the tailoring and detailing.  They make delicious wine, but not overly fussy.  At every turn, Italian design is a trifecta of perfection tapping into three splendid elements:

we stopped into Grom in Milan 
and sampled perfect gelato.
The Italians get it right 
down to every delicious detail.

Italians win at race cars!
Having returned recently from a whirlwind trip with a gaggle of talented and fun design bloggers, we became positively giddy with Italian design.  We marveled at every bite of gelato, architecture, fashion, garden, antique and design we came upon.  It seems we could not get enough of this magic tonic, and we ended our trip with a visit to Italian kitchen appliance and accessory company, GESSI which became the crown jewel of our trip.  We shared a delicious lunch, toured their flagship concept showroom and learned about the genius of this family owned company.  
Come take a look...

Happy Nesting 
XO Tamara
The traditional Italian garden relies on symmetry and greenery of structured topiaries and hedgerow 
to add architectural elements 
Some of my favorite wines 
are the rustic wines made in Italy. But, this trip was all about discovering Amarone
a very special wine indeed.
We were treated to lunch at GESSI in their concept store (which feels like a luxurious spa/cafe) in Milan 
and our hearts skipped a beat...

It is clear that Gessi folks have their finger on the pulse of luxury bath design, offering a customizable water system that is not only "green" (Gessi products are made in Italy in an environmentally friendly facility earning them the highest international certifications), but with a tricked-out changing color light system allowing for a truly decadent bathroom experience and offering home owners a luxury spa in their daily life.  

These delightful sinks by Gessi, from the Cono collection were some of my favorites spotted during the Eurocucina show in Milan.  Small in size (perfect for a powder room), yet tall and sleek they offer both a contemporary and traditional style together in one package!

Another favorite from Gessi is their ultra thin, versatile showerhead, Tremillimetri.  Measuring a mere 1/10th of an inch it has a low key profile and fits in many spaces, and comes in a rounded or square profile.  I like the super polished stainless steel mirror finish to boot. It offers a cascading waterfall feature and with a white LED light option for a truly spa-like experience. 

A little bit more about Gessi:
Founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi, the company has become Italy’s largest producer of high quality, original-design bath faucets, sinks, accessories and shower systems, as well as kitchen faucets. Today Gessi bath fittings grace famous hotels from the W London to the Armani Milan, as well as notable private residences such as the Hollywood villa of fashion designer Randolph Duke.  All Gessi products are crafted by its 400-member extended family in a small valley at the foot of the Alps, northwest of Milan. The innovative facility Gessi Park, reclaimed from an abandoned quarry, uses advanced technology and engineering to meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship. For example, solar panels heat the factory and almost all water used in production is recycled, purified and used to irrigate the Park. Gessi products are available here in the United States at select showrooms in North America and worldwide,
Juliet's balcony in Verona photo via ALAMY

*special note about Amarone wine-- it is a wine made in the Valpolicello region of Italy, right near Verona where Romeo & Juliet romanced.  The grapes are dried first (a much higher alcohol content than most wines at 15%)