Friday, December 25

A Gorgeous Book Showcasing Hand Blown Vintage Glass Collections, together in one vibrant place

Damon Crane with his collections at 
the East Hampton Mulford Farm Antique Show 
My favorite coffee table book for 2016, BIG COLOR
written by Damon Crane
edited by Nicole Dufour DuRocher
Design by Patrick J. Hamilton

Blenko Glass 
spotted in East Hampton
Since Summer I have wanted to write a story about this fabulous book which profiles  this Mid-20th Century glass, Blenko Glass.   The book is a gorgeous historic compilation of this vibrant-colored hand blown vintage glass, showcasing these beautiful works of art. I love it that this glass transcends time and although it is historic, it has a timeless appeal and seems just as modern today as it was when it was first created.  As we head into a new year with cold winter days in our future, this book will brighten your home.  Author Damon Crane is a dealer and collector of Blenko as well as other American glass.  This past July while perusing my favorite antique market at The East Hampton Mulford Farm, I was happy to run into the author who was exhibiting his private collection.  Crane was offering signed copies of his book, and he generously gifted me a copy.  I knew he was a long-time collector of Blenko glass and had written about the history of the company, but seeing the over-sized jewel colored glass altogether on display in this historic farm in East Hampton, brought this beautiful art to light.  I want one in every color and size.

The history behind this American glass is fascinating.  Founded in Milton, Virginia by British expat glass maker William Blenko it was first called The Eureka Art Glass Company.  The company quickly gained notoriety for its bright colored glass in varying sculptural sizes and shapes.  By 1930, he had developed a wide range of pieces of table and decorative wares, then soon changed the name to the Blenko Glass Company. In 1947, Winslow Anderson was brought on board and he became their first resident designer soon expanding the successful range. In 1953, Wayne Husted took the company’s products to even more soaring heights by creating many of their now popular over-sized pieces.  

I love their sculptural shapes and bright colors, and I would love to display it together in all one color or even in varying ombre of colors on a fireplace mantel, a book case or window sill.  The book was published in a hardback limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies.  All photographs by Damon Crain himself.  

Happy Nesting
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I'm here with Crane's husband interior designer John Douglas Eason, Damon Crane and my husband Randal Stephenson (holding a vintage blue and white plate we nabbed at the antique market)