Monday, December 14

Recap: A beautiful tabletop dinner gala at the Harmonie Club to benefit Hope Lodge New York City

Netherlands table

2015 Hope Lodge's 
Holiday Bash at the Harmonie Club
leaving guests party favors, our cocktail coasters in various fabric patterns
 we also offered guests custom made pinwheels (showing a bit of whimsy and channeling historic Holland windmills) utilizing our fabric pattern, croc in sky blue

Let's set the electric morning filled with positive energy, a cornucopia of busy designers carrying boxes, installing huge displays and creating fantastic flower arrangements in this gorgeous historic ballroom at the toney Harmonie Club.  Each designer and their team engrossed with the minutia details to don a table and give guests a wonderful experience,  guests who paid a pretty penny to seat together and honor this fantastic home.  New York City's Hope Lodge opens its doors daily to cancer patients and their families.  Many of them traveling from all over the world to come here to New York City in search of treatment, and Hope Lodge welcomes them with a stellar facility and a warm homey atmosphere, all for free.  Hope Lodge came on my radar when my son Miles played piano for the home's guests each holiday season through his local piano school here in New York City.  To see this space decorated and completed (by notable designers from Nate Berkus to Guillaume Genet), it illustrates how committed the interior design community is to helping those in need.  Interior Designers Guillaume Genet and David Carpenter worked tirelessly pulling all of us and the details together for this one special evening, and they also created four tables for the gala.  Even our flowers were donated by the very generous Dawn Melanie of Dawn Melanie Designs.  There was much behind-the-scenes work that went into this special day, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.  Over at Root Cellar Designs, Susan and I created patterns for our own trio of fabrics (Willow, croc and geo) on the table to help create our table which was inspired by the country the Netherlands, and tapping into the rich historic wares made in Holland factories hundreds of years ago.  We are proud of the results, and these patterns are now for sale on our website.  I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season!
some of our favorite tables at the event:
gathering around the fireplace just as the festivities began
Louis Navarrete, Cuba
Kristen McCrory, Finland
Gregory Allan Cramer, Mexico
 Robin Barron, New York City

 Guillaume Genet, Turkey
Guillaume Genet, Paris
Michael Tavano, Italy
Caleb Anderson, Texas
Rachel Laxer, London
 Darrin Varden, Japan
 James Rixner/Catarine Wright, Brazil
Tamara Stephenson and Susan Young
Holiday Bash gala benefited The American Cancer Society 
for Hope Lodge New York City