Wednesday, August 17

Fashion Column: Color Trends Dovetail For The Home Market This Fall 2016

Hues On The Runway and For The Home,  Fall 2016:
To color or not to color: that is the question!
written by Fashion Editor, Susan Young
root cellar designs' Black & Blue collection in Noir, Bleu;
Gardenia Swirl, Techno, Tortoiseshell, Heron Marble

This season color is calm, steady, dependable and has long-lasting power with little risk involved. This is a comforting feeling when making a decision which color to choose whether buying a fashion investment piece like a great trench or a home design application like wall covering. Either way, you want to make certain you will not tire of this purchase too quickly.  One important rule to remember--sustainability and transcendence are paramount.

After seven years of designing my own contemporary dress line, I learned a few things about risk taking versus playing it safe, and it often comes down to color. Finding the "sweet spot" is getting that balance between showcasing a collection offering fun, "out there" and colorful pieces (Anna Sui is infamous for that), and offering a calm, realistic and wearable collection, (think Armani).  The challenge is keeping true to your aesthetic while in the process.

This fall, Pantone's color report embodies that sweet spot and after endless hours scouring the upcoming collections that have been steadily adorning the retail floors since early July, I pared down the ten color predictions Pantone offered up to the four most prolific: Riverside Blue, Sharkskin Grey, Warm Taupe and Lush Meadow. One of the most interesting observations that I made while doing my research, is that our new wallpaper collection making its debut this September, parallels the current  trends in the fashion world. As a former fashion designer, I guess this is not surprising, but it is satisfying to see just how much fashion and interiors dovetail in today's world.

Root Cellar Designs' wallpaper collection, Black and Blue is heavy on these colors. Two solid hues that can feel either edgy or traditional depending on how they're paired and blended. It seems we have found our sweet spot between the place where creative minds tend to wander (and, believe me, we can creatively wander sometimes!) and what is viable and applicable by incorporating our own versions of the top four forecast colors we call bleu, charcoal, noir and celery.

New York Fashion week is around the corner...These trends will speak to the Spring/Summer 17 season. Tamara and I will be busy entrenched in a myriad of creative endeavors over the fall and winter, challenging the artisanship in both of us while continuing to build our lifestyle brand, Root Cellar Designs.  We'll check back next spring to see if we hit the mark again!
blue on the runway
root cellar designs' Black & Blue wallpaper collection in bleu;
(left to right) Machines, Lobster Stripe, Bio Cell, Tree Spirit
green on the runway
root cellar deisgns' Black & Blue collection in celery;
(left to right) Inky, Techno, Root, Peacock
grey on the runway
root cellar designs' Black & Blue collection in grey;
(left to right) Techno, Geo, Furniture Curio, Marge
neutrals on the runway
root cellar deisgns' Black & Blue wallpaper collection,Wheat; 
(left to right) Arcat, Heron Marbled, Stickbug, Bio Cell