Wednesday, August 10

Wallpaper Wednesday: Root Cellar Designs' new wallpaper collection

On Wallpaper Wednesday, 
root cellar designs debuts first wallpaper collection, Black & Blue! 
Susan and I are excited to launch our very first wallpaper collection.  After creating five fabric collections over the past 18 months, we are ready to expand root cellar designs' lifestyle brand to wallpapers.  Throughout this past spring and summer, we designed 18 patterns in three color options each in order to offer an eclectic paper collection in a lovely palette of rich blues, neutrals with some black and grey.  We pooled our collective life-long love for wallpaper to create the Black & Blue Collection.  We tapped into inspirations from both modern and classic design elements to create the patterns, then turned some of these concepts on their side in order to debut unique, witty designs with a little bit of edge.  There are a lot of beautiful wallpapers on the market, and we wanted to add to the rich offerings with these unique patterns not seen in the market.  Black & Blue will be available in the newly opened BRADLEY SHOWROOM in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue this September.  More announcements soon to follow about where else to find these papers which are sold in 12' rolls and 24" wide.  For pricing and to order, please reach out to us at
Happy Nesting
XO Tamara
A Sampling of Black & Blue...
Furniture Curio, Black & White
Hydrangea Topiary, Grey
 Hydrangea Dancing, Bleu
Tree Spirit, Blues
 Lobster, Stripe
Marge, Peacock 
Geo Marbled, Wheat & Grey
Peacock, Wheat
Root, Black & White
 Inky, Grey
Bio Cell, White 
 Stickbug, Black, White & Blue
Techno, Black & White
Tortoiseshell, Black & Blue 
 Tree Spirit, Blues
 Machines, Wheat & Bleu 
Gardenia Stripe, Bleu