Monday, August 8

A Summer Rug Round Up On Nest by Tamara Featuring Stepevi Rugs

Summer Decorating--
Nature-Inspired Designs Find There Way Onto Beautiful Rugs 
in Stepevi Rugs, And Their New Collection!

looks like the beautiful cut of the inside of a tree

We are enamored with the nature-inspired designs throughout the industry recently and we regularly see these influences in all products from furniture to fabrics to rugs.  We just love the new collection of rug designs inspired by technology’s impact and manipulation of natural beauty. In addition to beautiful designs, Stepevi offers customizable contemporary designs with their new collection, and all at your doorstep in a speedy 4 weeks time! Utilizing over 500 colors these rugs can take on any palette your imagination can dream up using sophisticated blends of materials such as silk, linen, wool and viscose. They use cutting-edge technology to blend their materials and wielding sophisticated modern yarns in varying sensitivities and thicknesses.  Their auto-tufing technique allows for them to offer these custom products in short lead times without losing on stellar quality.  A third generation family owned business, Stepevi has showrooms in London, Paris, Milan, Geneva, Munich, Istanbul and New York City!  It is no wonder both the designer and consumer love this brand and we see them in both luxury residences as well as high-end hotel and retail projects around the world.  Please follow their musings on Instagram at @Stepevicarpet.  When in New York City, please stop into their showroom
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Happy Nesting
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meanders like the crawling vine through the forest floor
mimics the greenery of man-made topiary landscaping
takes from the sensibility of the freshly grown and cut grass 
feels like tree branches reaching towards the sky
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shows textures and movement of leaves, water from the natural world

harkens to mosaic design of cut flowers in a garden 

shines like a beautiful sky