Friday, October 19

Highpoint Fall 2012: a tour of Hickory Chair

let's continue talking about 
" My Five Highpoint 
Take-Away Aesthetics"
and what I saw at Hickory Chair 
1. a marvelous blending of color combinations using both subtle and bold colors
2. a plethora of layering textures with return to intricate detailing  
3. many"cigarette tables" and small pieces offering mobility
4. sectional upholstery and multi-unit upholstery, not your 80s sectional!
5. overall return to classic, traditional designs but tweaked to feel modern.

 I was over the moon when Hickory Chair  and Pearson sponsored my trip to Highpoint, but I was pleasantly surprised to find both these showrooms my two favorites this Fall.   When walking the 25,000 square foot space of Hickory Chair it is easy to become giddy.  There is just so much optimism in the air about design and history.  Marketing chief Laura Holland gave me a thorough, energetic tour while parlaying her incredible knowledge about the 100 year + company, the family history and their  philosophy while walking me through a virtual history of design dating back over 100 years ago.  When thinking about Hickory Chair the brand is synonymous with quality, hand made and rooted in American history.  

In our travels, we passed Mark Hampton's famous tufted ottoman and other classic Hickory Chair designs, some pieces even holding patents, while others derived from the historic Winterthur museum collection and more.  Walking the showroom is a walk through American decorative arts taking us up to modern day with their successful pairing with artists and designers.  Even with all the history this flourishing empire has managed to stay current.  They have a knack for scoping out the latest and greatest designers of our times from Alexa Hampton to rising fabric designers from Brooklyn.  
Come take a look...

nesting, new york city, nest by tamara, house and garden,
Exciting to see the brewing designs of Hable Textiles, 
a sister design duo living in Brooklyn, New York 
setting up shop in the Hickory Chair showroom.  
This illustrates the emphasis Hickory Chair 
places on current designers and artisans.  
 digitally printed fabrics allows for color creativity
 peony design
 love this modern fabric on a classic Hickory Chair design
Susan Hable's creative corner and drawings
 a think tank of creative inspiration 
front and center in the Hickory Chair showroom

Next, let's look at four designers 
Hickory Chair pairs up with 
and pieces from their new collection:
Mariette Himes Gomez 
nesting, nest by tamara, interior design, new york city, house and garden

nesting, nest by tamara, new york city, interior design, house and garden
 Mariette  continues to  impress
with her attention to detail, from hand painting the wicker for a striped effect, 
to her custom designed seating shown tufted and 
adorned with a flirty skirt
 When I see Mariette's work for Hickory Chair I think of a super sexy NYC high rise, envisioning sparkling views.  Her attention to detail, and most often set in a neutral color palette, shows off her fastidious eye.  
 Mariette's designs are similar to a well made cocktail dress. 

nesting, new york city, interior design, nest by tamara

nesting, nest by tamara, interior design, new york city,
Suzanne Kasler 
Takes her inspiration from French antiques and infuses 
a California-esque vibe to the mix.  
The new collection is inspired from a recent project 
on the island of  Nantucket,
 and we can see the Yankee influences 
in Suzanne's new collection.  
Lots of nautical references and crisp lines.
nesting, nest by tamara, new york city, house and garden, interior design

Alexa Hampton
In person Alexa is a gifted public speaker infusing humor into her story telling and lighting up a room with her effervescent, charismatic personality.  Alexa is confident, whimsical and her designs are exactly the same.  This collection and her use of the color red is dramatic and Wows! 

I want to cozy up on one of these beds, 
light a fire and read my favorite book.  
Alexa continues to inspire with her new pieces.  
Thomas O'Brien's 
Eclectic furniture collection brings subtle colors 
and mission style furniture, but with a twist
With four big name designers on board that may be enough 
but Skip, Hickory Chair's in-house stylist and design guru,
dedicates much of the showroom to the company's updated classic designs as well.
some of my favorites: 

 Gilles chair 
 new and improved fabrics with durability yet plush feel 

 many pieces are classic Hickory Chair 
but have been updated to feel more modern - 
like this tufted bench

nesting, nest by tamara, interior design, new york city, house and garden
with a commitment to using mostly American Made products, 
an eye on tradition 
but with a forward thinking approach,
 Hickory Chair 
has my vote 
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Happy Nesting XO